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  • [music]

  • (Destin) That's crazy. Man ants do some of the craziest stuff.

  • It's like a Ouija board that's a worm.

  • You gonna get a shot of it?

  • [laugh]

  • Bringing home the bacon huh?

  • How you gonna get this worm down the hole? (Man) Easy.

  • (Destin) [laugh] It's awesome.

  • [laugh] And that's how they do it!

  • [laugh] That's crazy.

  • - Tonight we eat like kings! [laugh] That's how you get a worm down a

  • hole, if you're an ant.

  • [music]

  • [ Captions by Andrew Jackson ]

  • Captioning in different languages welcome. Please contact Destin if you can help.



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今晚我們像國王一樣吃飯!- 每天更聰明 81 (TONIGHT WE EAT LIKE KINGS! - Smarter Every Day 81)

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