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  • Normally, when BMW adds a competition batch to an M car, it needlessly ruined the suspension and add some ugliness to the wheels.

  • But with the M two competition, it has done something different.

  • Something better because the M two competition actually gets a new engine.

  • The S 55 unit from the M three is now wedged in there.

  • You even get the funky carbon struck brace.

  • You also get a new chassis, new brakes and a decent percentage of a new cabin.

  • You now have 410 horsepower and 405 foot pounds of torque.

  • Big increases on the old car, but you also get an extra 55 kilograms.

  • But BMW loves its traditions, so it's added some uglier wheels just to stay faithful to the competition heritage.

  • Did you have a good summer holiday?

  • I did.

  • But the way to get back into work is the new BMW M to competition.

  • Now it looks like BMW has very kindly given us an M two on M free power bomb.

  • But it's not quite simply because the old M two engine was killed off by the latest mission regulation, so either the empty had to die or bend.

  • Have you had to bowl this engineer?

  • So we had a lo more power, bit more talk.

  • We get some more weight as well, and that's the name of its sniffy about the power to weight ratio of this car isn't that much better than a normal M, too.

  • So that's it is like on the circuit that I sent you away.

  • Quiet handful.

  • What we got here, then we're clam on from which is one of the great circuits not been here before.

  • I have no idea why didn't know about it because it's superb.

  • Elevation changes are amazing.

  • Gearbox D C T.

  • And this one.

  • It's really, really sharp.

  • I reckon this shifts of that much quicker, a little bit of rain coming down in the moment, so I'm losing a bit of traction.

  • Engine pulls like a horse.

  • Doesn't feel quite angry, doesn't the entry for me, there's always been a personality about the end, too, that was missing in the M Free.

  • It comes from that short wheelbase.

  • The car just changes direction so aggressively, but it also feels a little bit spiking.

  • There's an element of danger, like it's a 2002 Turbo.

  • You know what I mean?

  • I love that about these things.

  • Balance is good.

  • A little bit of understeer in the middle of a corner on.

  • We've got oversteer coming out really as much as you want.

  • Let's just demonstrate that Here we go.

  • We get on the gas with armfuls of you wants it very controllable.

  • Typical BMW.

  • You got a sort of end new M five style instrument back in evidence, funky and technical breaks.

  • Very good, I said.

  • The brakes actually stand.

  • Now, this this call still have the agility of a caiman.

  • But what I like is that even though it's a complete uber, when you want to be far more of your body than the Cayman, it can now carve the straight line a load more than it could.

  • So it's a fast car.

  • It really is a fast car.

  • You wanted something Thio.

  • Run every day, do the occasional, but try work.

  • I would never have advised the last time to walk up to the job.

  • This one certainly is as tested.

  • This car still breaks fairly normal beckons on his £49,000.

  • That's an awful lot to Siri's based car, but I don't know what else.

  • We'll do this for the money.

  • Of course.

  • The main competition for the M two really, Is it used M three?

  • Isn't it even pick one of those up for about 40 grand?

  • So would you have used M free born M, too?

  • I think my money's on the end to competition.

  • There's something about this.

  • It's quite spiky.

  • It's quite good fun.

  • There's a person idea here, but I really, really enjoy.

  • Yeah, I'm taking one of these has to be slightly stuff.

  • Look at this BMW.

  • Just know how to make cars feel super soothe way they let him go all the way to the limits of gripping the tire never gets really spiky.

  • The drop off in grip is always considered.

  • Also, the power steering, electric power steering on.

  • This car's a bit lifeless, however, it stays consistently assistance away to loathe they circuit.

  • Wow, what a place.

  • Yeah, there was a bit of deadness, the steering, you know, he's just a little bit lifeless, but also systems tend to be like that seated position still a bit too high for me on a white BMW into that these but they seem to be oh, thing slippery, slippery.

  • Tonight.

Normally, when BMW adds a competition batch to an M car, it needlessly ruined the suspension and add some ugliness to the wheels.


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