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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the curry dot com and the nausea and I'm Hittle.

  • And today we're making a fruit and yogurt.

  • Perfect.

  • You were actually gonna be using mango, but you can honestly use any food that you like Strawberries.

  • Bye.

  • Peaches, peaches, apricots, pineapple.

  • This goes on absolutely endless list.

  • So very simple.

  • And about this quick deserts, you really don't need a whole lot off girlfriend stuff to do for it for the prep.

  • So here we have your greek yogurt Are any kind of cream in your butt?

  • If you if you haven't playing your butt at home, just hang it and strain it.

  • So here we have some Armand meal or arms that just taken and ground them, and we're gonna use approximately for a one cup off yogurt, you're gonna be using about 1 to 2 tablespoons off our meal.

  • Really?

  • Honestly.

  • Choices to you.

  • It's a very forgiving recipe.

  • Alma's air very healthy, but they are high in fat.

  • So if you're watching your fat intake, you can scale it down definitely, or increase it if you like.

  • And to sweeten that we're gonna use honey, you can use sugar if you like maple syrup.

  • Yeah, even if you are No, you have to watch your sugar than you can put in your sweetness.

  • Perfect recipe for that.

  • So this is the kind of mango we're using.

  • But really, any ripe fruit will work, so any type of ripe mango will work.

  • And what we've done is we just cubed it into little pieces, and we put it into our Mixi and just made a little puree out of it.

  • What we did also was reserved just a few pieces and we're gonna use this as a garnish on top.

  • And finally we have some granola.

  • Now, we just pick this up from our local health food store.

  • But you confined this almost anywhere, most of the stores.

  • But if you cannot find granola, you can also use like some caramelized almonds for the caramelized omens.

  • You just take some arm almond slices with little bit of sugar and just roast them in a pan.

  • So what we're gonna do is not there the different ingredients.

  • But here's the yogurt and the almond meal on the honey.

  • Put it at the bottom and you could just tap it, make it flat and next, we're gonna put some mango puree, and then we're gonna put some almonds.

  • And for more yogurt, you're some more mango, huh?

  • Looking so pretty.

  • So once you've got this much layered, what you can do is take a plastic wrap, cling wrap and just put it over the top and chill it for about an hour or so.

  • And we'll just set everything up really well.

  • And then when you're ready to serve, we can top it with the rest of our stuff on your back.

  • Has been chilling for about an hour.

  • Looks fantastic now, just for the garnish.

  • Be ready.

  • So here's our reserved little pieces of mango.

  • Just put a few on top and here's some granola.

  • This just gives a really nice crispy crunch to it.

  • Yummy, it's Ah, it's a good texture change from your creaminess of the yogurt, all right, and you need to do that right at the end of the way that might get soggy.

  • So just before serving, you put the granola on top.

  • And, of course, if you still want more stuff, you could still add on some more almonds, some kind of my life, caramelized almonds and it's ready.

  • So this is a great, healthy dessert idea.

  • I know a lot of people, you know, cringe at the thought of eating dessert because it's like I can't do it.

  • But here, you don't have to feel guilty at all.

  • You've got Greek yogurts really healthy for you.

  • You've got fruits and honey.

  • Yep, and that's can't go wrong.

  • And it does.

  • Yes, absolutely.

  • If you like this recipe and you'd like to see more of our videos than please, remember to subscribe because, first of all, it's free.

  • And second of all, you'll be the first to know every time we post a new recipe.

  • So enjoy our yogurt and fruit parfait and join us again and another soda.

  • Show me the car dot com, adding a pinch of spice to your life.



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