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  • This place is called Al Hol.

  • It's a notorious refugee camp in northeast Syria

  • where many of the wives and children of ISIS fighters

  • are being held.

  • The Kurdish-led forces who guard this sprawling camp

  • have struggled to secure it.

  • Hardline women have attacked them with stones and knives

  • and ever since the recent Turkish invasion,

  • some of the guards have been redeployed

  • to the front lines.

  • The fighting has weakened Kurdish

  • control across the region.

  • And now the fear is that the instability

  • will give thousands of ISIS fighters and their wives

  • the chance to escape.

  • We leave the area where the Iraqis and Syrians stay

  • and head over to the foreignerssection.

  • Roughly 10,000 women and children from at least

  • 50 countries live here.

  • These women had traveled to join ISIS

  • and many of their home countries

  • now refuse to take them and their children back.

  • We’d been warned by guards that the camp’s

  • most violent and steadfast ISIS followers

  • were to be found here.

  • But we were met with pleas for sympathy.

  • Some of the women were openly denouncing ISIS.

  • But their motives were not clear.

  • Are they truly reformed or are they just tired

  • of living in this place?

  • About two-thirds of the foreigners are under the age of 12.

  • There’s not much for them here

  • no schools or even running water.

  • Across the camp, hundreds of children have died from disease and malnutrition

  • since the beginning of the year.

  • Even before the Turkish invasion of northeast Syria,

  • this camp was in crisis

  • — a breeding ground for the next generation of ISIS.

  • But Kurdish-led security was at least

  • keeping ISIS in check.

  • Now, as outside forces undermine Kurdish authority,

  • the question of what will happen

  • to these women and children

  • becomes more pressing than ever.

This place is called Al Hol.


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在敘利亞臭名昭著的霍爾營地,ISIS的妻子們大聲疾呼 (ISIS Wives Speak Out: Inside Syria's Notorious Al Hol Camp | The Dispatch)

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