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  • Aww yeah! Get ready for another fun English lesson with Taylor Swift.

  • In this video we are featuring a clip from her new Netflix documentary Miss Americana.

  • I feel really good about not feeling muzzled anymore and it was my own doing

  • There's nothing that feels better than this moment

  • And then we will break down part of her hit song Lover.

  • And just let you know if you're new here every week we make fun lessons with your

  • favorite movies TV, series songs and more so that you can understand fast speaking

  • natives without getting lost without missing the jokes and without subtitles

  • nesis says that we're helping her in her dream to work on airplanes and we'll

  • help you to reach your English learning goals too just hit the subscribe button

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  • So you can learn a ton by doing the things

  • you love like watching series like Friends and movies like Frozen but is it enough?

  • Well in my experience learning six different languages I have always

  • found that native media and keeping it fun are essential parts of the process

  • but sooner or later I would always get stuck and this made me lack confidence

  • because I knew I was making mistakes but I didn't really know what I needed to

  • focus on learning to correct them and my friends weren't correcting me and they

  • didn't really know either how to explain the grammar to me. So at some point just

  • music, books and series aren't enough. You need the guidance of a teacher, so for me

  • having the guidance of a professional who has tons of experience helping

  • people who are having the same learning challenges is essential and that's why I

  • am excited to present a great new opportunity from our friends over at Lingoda

  • they are going to help you to improve your speaking skills and your

  • confidence quickly in just a matter of months and the great part about this

  • promotion is that when you fully participate in all the classes you can

  • get a 100% refund so I've tried Lingoda and it is fantastic! You get to learn

  • with native teachers anytime you want and they give you all the materials you

  • need so you know exactly what you need to focus on so over the past few years

  • Lingoda had 20,000 learners just like you to transform their lives

  • getting opportunities to work and study abroad. You can see some of their

  • inspiring stories on Lingoda's website by clicking the link down below and

  • definitely check out their Instagram as well.

  • So, what exactly is this promotion?

  • So Lingoda has a motivating study challenge called the Sprint and this is

  • really fantastic because it gets you committed to learning as both a coach

  • and a live language learning myself I know that having this

  • accountability is absolutely crucial because it's otherwise it's too easy to skip when

  • you're tired or busy and with the Super Sprint you will be showing up every

  • single day and you're going to make huge progress on your learning unless you do

  • this sprint in which you do slightly less classes now when you complete all

  • of the classes in the super sprint and you will be getting a 100% refund and if

  • you complete the Sprint's you'll get a 50% refund.

  • It's open to all levels

  • whether you're a beginner and intermediate or advanced and as a bonus

  • you will have free access to the Cambridge online language test.

  • The sprint begins on April 8th and ends on July 6th.

  • Alright so in order to

  • participate you have to sign up before March 24th after paying your 49 euro

  • non-refundable deposit fee which holds your spots you will automatically be

  • signed up for a three-month subscription but don't worry this deposit goes

  • towards paying your first month of classes and remember that Lingoda

  • refund 100% of your tuition fee if you complete the agreed number of classes

  • there's no trick or catch here but be sure to read all of the terms and

  • conditions as students say that this is the key to success in the Sprint and to

  • make it even better for you we have a special discount code for you just click

  • the link down in the scription box below and use our code to get 10 euros off of

  • your entry fee now if you already have good habits learning English with TV

  • series and other native media then I think Lingoda's spring can be a really

  • awesome opportunity for you. Just imagine if in three months you could confidently

  • converse with a native or get an exciting new job or move to another

  • country and you could do it all for free by completing Lingoda Sprint best of

  • luck to all of you that participate in the Sprint and now let's get back to

  • this lesson with Taylor Swift.

  • If you love Taylor Swift

  • well we have a ton of lessons teaching you English with her in this playlist

  • you can check that out after you finish this video by clicking up here or down

  • in the description below

  • All right well now I recommend that you listen to that song over and over and

  • over again trust me it's going to do a lot for your English pronunciation and

  • it's a lot of fun and if you want to know how you can learn English with any

  • song you want be sure to check out this video over here and now it's time to go

  • beyond classroom and live your English! Aww yeah!

Aww yeah! Get ready for another fun English lesson with Taylor Swift.


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