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I'm Christopher Lloyd.
About 25 years ago, I played Dr. Emmett Brown in the film 'Back to the Future Part II',
a landmark film. And amongst other things introduce the concept of hoverboards to the world.
Now, at the times as much as we all want hoverboards to be real, of course, it was an impossibility.
But I'm proud to announce, and thanks to the clever folks with HUVrTech,
the technology has caught up with the concept.
Well, my man ~
There she be!
I can't believe how well it works. I really--I didn't think it would be that smooth.
You know, It always looked in the movie like
it was just awkward,
it was going sideways. And once I get on it, it feel natural, like, that's where it's going.
That's where it should be.
A lot of people that are skating nowadays that are adamant skate fans,
starting skating because of that movie. You can ask current pros --
You can ask and they will say : Yes, I started skating because of 'Back To The Future'.
When I first got on, I thought it was gonna be incredibly awkward.
I thought there would be this really sort of like extensive learning curve.
And it's intuitive. Like the moment you start riding it,
you know what to do. There's no precedent for this.
I have no idea how it works. I'm baffled by the technology.
But then again I am baffled by most technology.
It was an experience I've never experienced before.
The feeling is indescribable.
So, I feel like I was out of this world for a second.
And I looked down. And my feet are off the ground.
And I'm like "this is really happening?"
I didn't believe it. They told me they have a hoverboard that can fly.
I didn't believe it.
This is a crazy board. I love it.
It was crazy. I thought like, you know, the balance was going to be hard.
But it was--it was pretty cool. It was, ya, it was really easy.
Can I keep this? Uh, no.
Dude, come on, please ~
The Hoverboard has arrived.
This board has more technology within it, than the satellite that we sent in space in 2010.
I was in a dream. A real life dream.
One of the greatest days of my life.
I just want to say thank you for letting me be the one of the first people to try this out.
Because this is amazing.
I'm still in shock that I'm doing it. That I was here actually riding this thing.
I was hovering. It happened in my lifetime.
Well, this goes beyond, goes way beyond.
Thank you.
Yeah when I ride Hoverboards I have fun ~
Yeah when I ride Hoverboards I have fun ~


飛天滑板讓你騰雲駕霧!?電影《回到未來》成真還是視頻特效? HUVrTech - BELIEF

10651 分類 收藏
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