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Feifei: Have we got everything, Neil?
Neil: Think so. I've got the tickets,
most importantly. Would not want
to miss this concert!
Feifei: Let me see. One, two, three... Neil?
Neil: Yes?
Feifei: There are only three tickets.
You know Dan is coming too, right?
Neil: Really? Oh man. We're one short.
Feifei: What to do?
Neil: I don't know.
Feifei: Neil, it's OK. I'll take one for
the team. I'm a bit tired anyway.
Neil: Are you sure? I could...
Feifei: Don't worry. I know how much
you love this band!
Neil: Too kind. But before I head off,
let's explain the phrase Feifei used.
To 'take one for the team' is to give
something up for the benefit of others ...
usually for your friends or colleagues,
or your sports team, for example.
Feifei: I decided to let the others
go to the concert instead of me.
I took one for the team.
Neil: And I'm very grateful.
Now, listen to these examples.
There wasn't enough space in the car
for all of us, so Johnny took
one for the team and walked.
Valentyna injured her foot in
the first half of the game. She wanted
to continue playing,
but we decided that someone else
should play in the second half
to give us the best chance
of winning. Valentyna
took one for the team.
Sometimes you have to take one
for the team.
Last week I spent the day clearing out the
kitchen while the rest of
the family went to the beach.
Neil: You're listening to The English
We Speak from BBC Learning English.
In this programme,
we're looking at the expression 'take one
for the team'. Right, I'd better get going.
Feifei: Before you go, Neil
I just want to ask something.
Neil: Yes?
Feifei: We need someone to do the
late shift next week. I was wondering...
Neil: Feifei, don't you worry. I'll take
one for the team.
Feifei: I knew you would! Thanks, Neil.
Now, go and enjoy the show!
Neil: Bye.
Feifei: Bye.


What does 'take one for the team' mean?

114 分類 收藏
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