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  • Let's bring in Dr Nermeen Boutros.

  • Doctor, Thank you for joining us.

  • So first I want to ask you what are you seeing in your e, r and R.

  • There enough beds and respirators for the current patients that you have who you suspect have Cove in 19.

  • So actually in the year is really a hectic nor now because we keep getting more patient and more patients And the William is the really increasing, uh, now.

  • So, yeah, we are running a tight and terms off ventilators, isolation rooms, beds for the patients.

  • We are doing our best trying to accommodate change the structures of the teams, creating new teams, creating, and you go, But I C u unit, um, creating a new off floor for isolation.

  • But we're still very tight, and we need more supplies.

  • If you could just wave a magic wand, what would you say that your hospital still needs to fully serve your patients?

  • Does your stuff have the critical protective gear that you need and are you bracing for shortages?

  • So I understand that it's a national shortage in in terms off peopie, but I cannot emphasize enough on how important this stuff peopie eats so doctors and nurses and hold those health workers because every health care, remember, not right now is very precious and dump replaceable.

  • We need all the doctors right now.

  • We cannot afford that any off the doctor's old sick, um, or anything.

  • So, um, the hospital management here trying their best to provide us with the supplies, But we're still need more because it's a continuous consumption off these peopie ese.

  • So we need continuous supplies.

  • It's Some hospitals are urging patients to put off surgeries in some cases, really serious surgeries during this Corona virus crisis.

  • Is that your advice as well?

  • And if so, does that apply to every surgery?

  • Could American start getting sicker if we delay other health care needs?

  • We understand.

  • But at this point, we have to, ah, be flexible if the present elective surgery or elective procedures that can people stoned for a few weeks, we have to do this.

  • I know it's, ah, my delay patient Karen, other side.

  • But we have to do this right now.

  • We have to deal with the acuity off the Corbett crisis, so it's not a choice.

  • We have to delay any elective procedure and we have to be very flexible in this situation.

  • We've also heard of those who need certain medications like hydro clock.

  • See, Clara Quinn, which helps treat Lupus, is not being able to find it.

  • Many people are saying who really have it, who need it.

  • How concerning is that?

  • I'm concerned that, uh, people may try to, like, prescribe it, uh, for nothingness, not the right patient.

  • Not necessarily because it's recommended for those acute acutely l patients or, uh, those are with severe lung injuries and surgeries.

  • Situation is not for everyone.

  • It's not for perfection.

  • And if we're running short of this medication, we are preventing us our patients like Lupus station or some other rheumatology patient from camping.

  • Uh, this drug and I think we have to be wise and the way we are using this drug and treating patients.

  • President Trump today said that he hopes to get the economy running again by Easter, which presumably means less social distancing.

  • So does that worry you?

  • And what would that mean for health care workers on the front lines?

  • I cannot comment on, um, the political decision Aske positions.

  • We will continue doing ours up taken care off the station, Um, doing everything possible to take care of.

  • Our patients are getting better.

  • And I will be political decision for some politicians.

  • All right, Doctor, Thank you so much for your time and for talking with us.

  • Stay safe and thank you for the work that you do.

  • We greatly appreciate it.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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  • Thanks for watching.

Let's bring in Dr Nermeen Boutros.


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醫院有足夠的床位和呼吸機嗎? (Do hospitals have enough beds and respirators?)

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