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  • My name is Monroe Smith.

  • I'm 29 years old and I'm from South London.

  • Lucien, I'm a part time motivational speaker way.

  • Go to communities that you know at disadvantaged, and we go and speak to them and inspire them that.

  • Listen, whatever it is that you want to achieve, you can do it.

  • No dream is above you.

  • Long as you believe in yourselves.

  • Growing up in Africa wasn't easy or that kind of poverty and so many things.

  • My mom came to this country when I was eight years or to create a better life for me to come and join her later on as a single mother.

  • It wasn't easy leaving him, but then I had to think about his future, which is what brought me here.

  • I came to join that finally when I was 13 on um we face our challenges.

  • This is what we came here.

  • Came here, love.

  • I know you have.

  • You have a great future.

  • You have practical.

  • Thank you were hoping for the best way.

  • My mom, she's a strong woman and I'm here because of her.

  • I'm happy Get out.

  • When I walk out on that stage, I'm gonna give everything that I have like my life.

  • Totally dependent on it, she recalled.

  • Please, Law, you don't You don't Really Careful.

  • Muse sees Wait from Emanuel.

  • I'm originally for gonna a revolution.

  • What?

  • What made you want to come on the show this year?

  • Where were you at last year?

  • Honestly, I've been through a lot.

  • About just 15 years ago, my mom and my sister used to sleep, sleep on the same bed and once more room.

  • So for me to even come here and get what you need to see before you guys have to get all these chat turns way come from the same place way were growing up in the projects in the ghetto was like six of us slept on the floor.

  • And then when I finally got a chance to move on my toe a big old house for the 1st 2 years, we slept on the floor to go because we're so used to being around and up under each other.

  • You know that bond that you have with your family?

  • That's how you're able to get up.

  • Yeah, that's how you're able to, like, get knocked down on the floor.

  • and get that thief on.

  • I used a metaphor like not being able to smell the roses, because, Claude, what you are for me is anti histamine, bro like you open up my nasal passages.

  • I could smell now, Theo.

  • Favorite soul.

  • My absolute favorite song Sing was so beautiful.

  • You saying the clouds out ahead with that is what made me press my button.

  • And I've also bending a position.

  • You know, being in a contest like this, and I will hope to be able to help you do the same for my experience.

  • Thank you.

  • It's time for you to decide who you want to be a coach.

  • Oh, Lord.

  • Because I've been through and where I'm actually gonna go for well.

My name is Monroe Smith.


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Emmanuel Smith演唱Leonard Cohen的 "Hallelujah" | The Voice Stage #2 (Emmanuel Smith sings ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen | The Voice Stage #2)

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