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go card company Marika is offering really life superhero go carting around Tokyo visitors Congrats up like their favorite Mario Brothers character, Dr In life size go carts.
Monica representative will lead you through tourist destinations such as Shinagawa Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tala Abu Marika headquarters riders choose from classic Nintendo and other superhero costumes costs 10,000 yen around 88 U.
Dollars for a three hour ride.
It shorter, too, is also available.
Drivers have given a basic safety lesson before following the leader through the Japanese capital.
Busy streets.
Unlike the real Mario Kart, bumping is not allowed within under 50 cc engine at the same power you get in a petrol chainsaw.
Power sliding is also out of the question.
First stop on the Tour Tokyo Tower.
You may recognize it as the building, which keeps getting destroyed in movies like Godzilla and King Kong.
Also, Japan's second Polish structure tower supports Tele communications antenna but is also a major tourist attraction.
Around three million visitors a year.
This bridge, officially called wait for it shoot to expressway number 11 Die Bar route, Port of Tokyo Connective bridge was thankfully nicknamed the Rainbow Bridge by the public at night.
Distinctive red, green and blue lamps like the bridge leading to the name.
This is Shibuya Crossing.
You might recognize it from any number of films or TV shows.
Set in Tokyo.
It's one of the busiest pedestrian crossings in the world.
Traffic in all directions has to stop when pedestrians cross inundating The entire intersection came from, or Magic are also offers tours in Osaka, Yokohama and Okinawa.


Real-Life Mario Kart in Tokyo in 360

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