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CHUMLEE: What can I help you with today?
I got a couple of robots here I'd like to sell.
CHUMLEE: All right, what do you have here?
Let's see, I got a Colonel Hap Hazard, 1965, with the box.
It's in really good shape.
And a Rosko Nomura, 1962, astronaut robot.
This one is really nice.
CHUMLEE: Yeah, doesn't look like anyone played with these.
They didn't play like I did.
CRAIG: I'm coming into the shop today to sell two
antique robots from the 1960s.
Both the robots have a lot of meaning,
as far as the space race.
I'm selling the pair of robots for $5,000.
If I can make a deal today, I'm going to spend
the money on more toys.
CHUMLEE: All right, this is pretty cool.
The Marx company has been around since 1919.
And they were known for making tin toys, plastic toy soldiers,
toy sets, all kinds of stuff.
But you know, in the mid 60s, late 60s,
when this toy was made, this would have been uber-cool.
All throughout the 60s everyone was fascinated with,
you know, NASA, and the space culture, and the moon.
And this saying NASA on it, and having the logo
is pretty cool-- CRAIG: Yeah.
--because this would have been the toy that every going
to have as a kid, you know?
Everyone wanted to be an astronaut.
And the same with this one.
CRAIG: It's all original and--
CHUMLEE: Still the original tube here.
CRAIG: Mm-hmm.
CHUMLEE: These are two pretty cool toys.
How much are you looking to get for them?
CRAIG: I need $4,000 for the pair.
It's not going to happen.
I mean, I see the value in them, but I
can't pay that much for them.
Would you take $1900?
Man, I can't.
They're both really nice.
$2000, $1500.
I'm gonna have to pass, unless you could take $2,200 for them.
That's all right, man, I appreciate it very much.
All right, well, thanks for bringing them by.
- Thank you. - Have a great day.
Yeah, you too.
I'm not going to take the offer of $2,200,
because I know a lot of collectors
that would be more than happy to pay the price that I'm asking.


Pawn Stars: Mid Century Toy Robots | History

16 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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