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what is going on.
Guys says they were taking a look at the h.
So we're taking a look at all of this stuff from advances.
Ate all this H g a o Z stuff.
I figure we might as well take a look at the Quell as well.
This is one kid from Band Eyes HDC Line of advances, a ticket that I've never built.
It's basically, for the most part, the hazel, too.
The main body, the shield, some of the weapons just basically the heads different.
The backpack is different, and that's kind of it for the most bars.
So this is gonna be a lot of parts that we've seen before, but a little bit of new stuff in here as well.
I do also have the master grade kid of this.
I need to get around to reviewing for you guys.
At some point, I've been meaning to build that up forever.
It's just been sitting on my shelf, waiting for opportunity to build it.
Anyway, let's focus on this.
Get awesome.
Boxer here in the front of the quilt looks awesome.
It's a very cool version of a RGM kids definitely before the justa was like the badass, dark colored rgm.
We had the quill and it's really cool design.
Let's go look here around this side of the box.
This is number 74 in the lines.
This came out a little bit later after the Hazel to which was 69.
It's one of the few kids down the line over here on the bottom of the box.
We have a nice CG image.
There was information again, all in Japanese, and then a front and back of view of the kit all painted up here, some more information and Japanese, and then that little bit there going around here Thio the top of the box?
Not really.
Action poses.
Strangely enough, not really.
Any action poses feature on here.
Just a couple of details.
Shots of looks like we've got a hand for us physically holding the rifle in the left hand.
Of course, the new head, the ability in the articulation to reach back and actually grab the beam saber handle off the backpacks.
That's pretty cool.
Just focus on the backpack itself is being another new part for this, and then some of the markings included for this is will you have a nice set of markings?
All marking stickers?
Of course.
But, hey, you got those included Self.
The list price for this is not included on this box because this is a new version.
Is has got the blue logos.
That means it's a recent run of this kid.
But the original list price for this was a very affordable 1200 yen, so can't complain about that, Although it is gonna be pretty simple, of course, but should be a nice, solid hydrate and again good for fans of cool looking Jim's or advances.
Eight of fans got three bags of runners and stuff in there.
We'll take a look at that in a moment.
Let's take a look here at the manual first.
So typical a juicy manual here.
A nice big image of a painted sample build.
They're on the front for your reference.
Looks like this comes with a 60 millimeter Vulcan that's gonna meet up there on the head.
The gym rifle and beam saber.
So very standard layout of stuff here with this but still very cool looking design on the back.
We have a little bit of an action post.
They're not really the most dynamic, but it does have a a pose you can hear there, but we'll see what else we can do with this.
In the review, Of course, Mother detail shots like with What We Saw on the outside of the box, the sticker marking guy, where to place all those around on the kids and in the rear view image and then the colored guy down there on the bottom on the inside, just like with the Hazel to We've got another nice big photo of the painted build here.
And then just pointing out some of the details about that again.
Just all in Japanese down here at the bottom and then there.
Look at the backpack for that.
I like the backpack strangely, it's so very simple and looks very utilitarian.
But I like it looks cool.
And then over here just again, that same CG image that was on the outside of the box or she's a composite image.
It's just the photograph of a kit, but I just sit in the background there, all right, and then anyway, a look down here at some different variants that you can make with this.
So using some stickers for the Titans version of the Gundam mark to there, it looks like.
And then you can switch the weapons in the backpack and stuff.
It looks like as well What?
They're gonna mark two or giving the Gundam mark two or no, we'll see what's going on here.
Oh, yes.
Just swapping parts.
You got the bank.
Pack the shield on the beam rifle.
Look from the Gundam mark to basically here on the hazel, too.
And then over here, or just kind of part stopping stuff between the hazel too, and the gun to mark to all that stuff.
All right.
Anyway, let's get into the manual here.
As you can see, basically it's just the B, D and F runners, and that's pretty much it.
And then a couple little small runners on their, including Polly caps.
You're gonna have a small handful of leftover pieces, but the construction and goes from the torso to the head of the weapons, to the arms to the legs, to this skirt armor to the way section, I should say, And then just how to gonna pose some different stuff there on Dhe equipped the weapons and shields everything.
That's pretty much it.
So let's get into the runners.
All right, So here is the full sticker sheet for this very small, which is always nice to see.
Just got a couple little green sensors there and a couple little yellow ones Little V for the front of the front skirt.
And that's pretty much it.
And the markings stickers here to give you some nice options that typing test team logos there and you have some numbers you can choose between 010203040506 for that and some just nice Titans logos markings on there.
SB six.
For our clear red of beams, they were effect parts for this.
These air unfortunately, the shorter type one or 44 steel beam saber effect parts.
If the front of the box aren't very prominently, features the quill doing a cool slashing attack with the beam.
Saber would be nice to have the longer beam saber effect parts included with this anyway, PC 1 23 far Polly Caps here and standard gray burner be here in that classic titans.
Dark blue color is just from the original Hazel Kit.
The Hazel Customs.
You've got parts on there for the shoulders, the shields and all of that.
We can see over here on the side where you got the new parts added for the quell head and quell backpack.
So you got some new parts there added over on the side for this kid.
Specifically, they're already in this standard medium gray color again from the original Hazel.
But we have the addition of a new hand over here on the side.
That would be the left rifle holding hand that was added for the specific version of the kit.
And then runner F once again is a runner that we saw with Hazel too.
But this one now has the addition of this section here for the black part for inside the head for the shield and some black parts for the torso, the feet.
And that there added onto this kid had onto this runner I should say for this kid, but that's it for the runners.
Oh, oops.
Scratch that.
We do also have energy here as well.
Which is this clear orange piece for the adviser in the head which does look very nice.
All right, guys.
So it's gonna be a pretty simple but nice little high grade here again for fans of GM kits for fans of advances, Ada just kind of one of those ones that you can pick up for real cheap, and you just kind of have to add it to your advances.
80 collections.
So I'm excited to finally getting around to building this kid, even though there's not really a whole lot knew in here.
I think it'll be a nice one, so I'm looking forward to it.
If you guys have further questions or comments about this, of course, feel free to leave those down below.
As always, guys huge think it's us a Gundam store.
For their support, check the link to their site and the coupon code.



5 分類 收藏
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