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that way, everybody.
So the greatest question that my students off me is Michelle.
How can my anger sound?
Will cool, More interesting, more catchy.
I wonder if I sound actually very boring in my conversations.
So here I am to answer that question, So does sound interesting and cool in English.
There are seven things that you can do today, and this is the day when I'm going to tell you seven strategies to have the most interesting conversations ever.
Well, for that, you need to wash this complete lesson with me.
Michelle on Let's talk the place where you develop your English language skills.
So what are we waiting for?
Let's jump right on to it.
So the first thing that you can do to leave an impact in your very first conversation itself is to use Internation.
Well, when I say intonation, it means the rise unfold off your voice when you're speaking.
So actually, when a person is peaking, especially when they're speaking a second language, they tend to speak in sort of flat tone because they tend to think and speak.
So this comes across as a monotone, which makes your speech sound kind of memorized.
When I say monitor, I mean a flat tone.
So basically, intonation is crucial in catching the listeners attention on keeping it.
So the best way to add intonation to your conversations would be to practice.
Yeah, especially with native speakers, because they help you learn what natural intonation sounds like.
So here I have an excellent tip for you.
You can use this app, which I love using.
This is the camellia app, which is really officiant to help you learn natural intonation.
Why conversing with native speakers?
So what you get here Israel life Native Speaker partners who can talk to you and help you with your questions.
So when you talk to native speakers, they don't.
They not only tell you what intonation is, but also how to add natural intonation here, speaking on how to sound more fluent and natural when you're speaking, so can lease the place to go.
It is an English language learning app where they have trainers from various English speaking countries who answer any of your questions related to English.
For me, the high point of this app is that it acquaints you two different English accents like British American Canadian, Irish Kiwi, South African handsome.
Well, well, you don't believe me, right?
So let me do a demo for you.
Now let's jump right on the Campli up.
So here we are.
My phones home page.
Now let's jump to Kam Li.
So, guys, as you can see, I have 57 minutes remaining and I'm gonna go to the tutors now.
Well, as you can see, we have all these amazing tutors from different countries in green.
Well, the green sign means that they're all online.
They're all available to talk with you and to share their ideas and to help you with your doubts.
So let's jump onto one of them.
All right, So let's see whom we could talk to you now.
So there are some teachers were busy, but I can see Graham Price and he holds a teaching certificate.
Okay, Is this is this profile?
So he speaks Irish accent, and he is an English teacher, so let's just call him.
Hi, Ram.
How are you doing?
All right.
So, yes, I had a question about intonation.
Uh huh.
So sometimes I feel when I'm talking, my speech is not as engaging and I feel that I can improve on my intonation.
So I had this question on my mind.
Which is when will I see you next?
How do you think the intonation should be for this?
So So when will I see you next?
Okay, that's, like, kind of so sort of raising up.
Generally, questions tend to have slightly higher pitch on, tend to go up toward the end.
In fact, ah, habit that English speakers have taken from other European language speakers is sometimes and spoken English.
You can make a statement, but ask it as a question which is very common in Latin based languages.
So, for example, I can say you are okay.
You know you are okay.
That's a question exactly on.
That's how people and say, for example, France, Spain, Italy.
They'd often ask questions in that way in their own language.
So in English, we've taken that happen as well.
But ah s so you could do it.
An informal speech, right.
So I could say that I have a rising intonation for this question.
Yes, he went to go sort of.
Generally, statements tend to go down, but questions tend to go up.
That was amazing.
Thank you so much.
No problem.
Quite on point.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Very welcome.
Take care, you two.
So did you just see how amazingly this English teacher answered my questions about intonation?
He told me exactly what intonation is and how it should be for different questions and sentences.
So I asked him, When will I see you next?
And he told me it should be a rising intonation, slightly rising on.
Even when we say, looking forward to meet you, it could be a falling intonation, because that's a sentence.
So here you are.
Your query resolved.
So isn't Family Camry just the perfect place to go?
So, guys, this app is not for free.
But since you how are let's talk subscribers.
So we have an offer for you.
Well, if you try this up, you will get a 30% discount.
And if you go for a three month plan, which is a quarterly plan, you get an additional 10% discount, which means off 40% discount.
So why not try this amazing app?
You can get the discount code in the description box below.
So go ahead and try this awesome app.
If you're very serious about learning English on improving your English while talking to native speakers.
Now let's see, what else can you do to have an interesting conversation?
So everyone loves to talk about themselves, their ideas and what they love.
You love to talk about yourself as well, right?
But all you need to do is find out what someone is into and let them talk about it.
Even if it is not something you're a fan off.
Giving them a chance to talk about their passion will make them feel good.
And then you'll feel good too.
So here are three good questions to ask.
What do you wish you had more time for?
This is almost famous saying, What are your hobbies?
Another question would be if you could be doing anything right now, what would it be?
This is almost like asking what do you do in your free time?
And I have one more question.
What makes you jump out of bed in the morning?
So here you are, asking the person about their passion.
So this is the way to get someone talking when you let them talk about their own interests, their ideas and their passions.
Now finding out what you both enjoy is even better When two people are talking about something they both love.
It makes the recipe for a great conversation and may even lead to a lifetime friendship.
Well, you may not figure it out right away.
It might take a few tries, so be patient and keep searching by asking questions that lead to that common interest.
For example, what do you usually do for fun?
You could also ask, Are you into movies, cooking, gardening, cycling, yoga or whatever?
You can start by talking about your own interests.
You could say that lately I've been spending a lot of time hiking in the mountains on.
Then you could ask them, Have you ever gone hiking?
So this is the way you can get someone talking by talking about your common interests thinks that you both love.
So showing someone you're interested in what they have to say means asking really great questions.
And do you know, asking a great question?
Takes careful skill.
For example, if you ask, do you like the ER?
Then the answer may simply be no, and sadly, your conversation ends, and you certainly were not very interesting.
So instead of asking questions like this where a person answer says yes or no, you need to have sort of open ended questions.
So some great ways to start an open ended question would be, for example, to start with what, for example, what do you like about traveling?
I'm sure they will have a long answer for that and that you keep your conversation going.
You could also ask, How would you love to spend a free afternoon?
You could start the question with Why?
Why do you love yoga, for example?
Or as you could start with if this is like giving them a situation?
If you could only choose one fun activity to do for the year, what would it be?
So this is the way to ask open ended questions to keep your conversations going.
Now, in addition to asking great questions, being ready to give great answers really makes you much more interesting to talk to.
So we have all been in those conversations where we try to ask questions but get nowhere as the person answers no to everything for example, recently, when I ask someone, what have you been doing lately?
On this morning, someone told me nothing much on the conversation.
Just died on.
None of us were interesting.
So here are two tiffs forgiving great answers in a conversation, so you should be prepared to answer.
And what about you?
So in other words, you need to be prepared to answer questions that you have asked because naturally a person might ask you under turn, How about you?
And here you have to answer your own question.
You could also use question words like I said earlier.
Who, What, when, Where?
How to think about what to say in your answer and also to use more vocabulary.
So this is how you can make your answers more interesting and prevent your conversation from dying.
So I'm of the opinion that to be interesting, an English conversation means going with an open mind, being ready to hear about different ideas on to accept different perspectives.
So if you want someone to leave the conversation thinking that we were interesting, that means sometimes holding back on your own opinion on opening up to here their views so You can always agree to disagree, right?
I mean, you can always let people feel comfortable in their views without agreeing.
And how do you do that?
Well, I'm gonna tell you that here are some ways toe agree.
You could say that I hadn't thought of it like that.
That's an interesting point of view.
You could also say I can see you are really passionate about that.
However, I think so.
What you're doing is that you're agreeing to disagree with that person, but in a very polite manner on my final tip would be keep it short and sweet, which is what I'm doing with this lesson.
Keeping it short and sweet.
This is a winner, especially when it comes to being interesting and cool.
Talking on and on about you when it's your turn to speak is really boring.
So keep it short and don't worry about tiny details.
So what you need to do is you need to stick to the main points and share the conversation so that both if you speak enough and you will definitely end up being much more interesting because you didn't just go on about the things that you love.
So here we are, at the end of the lesson.
And now I want you to tell me the comments.
Have you ever struggled with keeping someone interested in your conversations?
If, yes.
Did you follow any of these steps that I shared, or did you follow any of your own interesting tips which can help our other viewers?
So let me know in the comments how you like this lesson.
And which of these steps would you like to use in the future?
Also, leave me a comment about your Camry experience.
So thank you so much for saying to him to see you very soon.
And another lesson Till then.
Keep learning, keep speaking English and keep having amazing conversations.
See you soon.


7 Small Talk Tips - How to Speak More Cool, Engaging & Fluent English in Daily Conversations?

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