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from Sesame Stream here, that's what ever does.
So I shall keep track of time for you.
Another sunny day on Sesame Street, right outside of Elmo's window in the summer.
You deal with that and then you just got a a wait.
He goes to a very important part of Washington D Go to the kitchen and have breakfast with money.
The time is now 7:15 a.m. Drab makes front.
Good morning, Elmo.
Oh, boy, it's time for a favorite parts of day.
Breakfast with friends.
What you mommy today?
Boy meal?
What's for dessert?
A cloud thing.
Brushy Brand fresh.
Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad Hashing.
Morning, This brick brick that's 40 minutes, 30 minutes for a morning routine.
Heads over there for Stewart to see what Alan and fixes toys when they're broke and sharing people like this one.
It's 12 p.m. From lunch.
Hey, you must be having the only booth.
No way.
All nice.
Having 12.
That means it's time for your plays.
Yeah, let's go.
Let's play the oh freeze!
Like a Well, that's about a card game.
Try playing tag with Abby and resume.
Sometimes I like to go to the sesame.
Yeah, I need to go over there for a workout.
But things with friends, friends learning new sons and new words again, I do not meet the clock for this.
It is always time to learn about numbers.
Today's number of the day is okay.
Don't forget care.
What does?
Your friend it's much better with shoes.
Helped him post bail yet and his food todo having pictures of his friends.
She sits on the stoop and place it on ego's way.
Everything must be a really good piano playing.
Maybe around Christmas time.
Learn asan for his mommy and daddy way T o just such a Maybe one day it's 5 40 PM Elmo.
That means it's Mommy and Daddy and Daddy helped make you put the trappings are not the cheese cheese, spaghetti, chicken fingers.
Picky when it comes to food at one time was not a good idea.
You know what?
He's sad.
My favorite part of Elmo's Day.
Good, Theo, I'm love love number.
Look, thing doing you go, Max.
I know he's not Jewish blacks sometimes, master just need to relax, you know, what I'm talking about.
30 p.
Almost Get get another little brother.
This 45.
You know where Elmo is?
Use in bed because it is Elmo's bedtime.
You want to have enough energy to do it all over T.
Oh, well, I don't know what you're into tonight.
That's what One day in the life of Elmo.


Everything Elmo Does in a Day | Vanity Fair

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