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Hey, everyone.
How's it going?
As Aaron, the language nerd here, hope you doing very, very well.
Welcome to another episode of Super Easy English today we're going to head into right here, which is which is my garage.
And we're going to learn all about different things that I myself and, of course, many other Canadians.
What we keep in our garage is is gonna be very fun.
It's gonna be a lot of fun.
I'm looking forward to it.
And, um, here we go.
One of the most common things that you will see inside of someone's garage, especially here in my city, is a car, which is what we have right here.
Which is my car, Um, on a car.
We have some different parts.
Let me show you a few different parts.
We won't do them all because this is not a video about, um, not a video about cars, But a few things.
Obviously we have the car door right here.
We have a side view mirror right here.
If we go over to the front of the car, we have a windshield, as you can see, right?
This is the windshield that you're looking at, um, we've got the windshield wipers right here.
Those air used to clean the water off of the windshield.
If it's raining, for example, in the front of the car as well.
We have some headlights in the back of the car.
We also have these lights.
What we call them tail lights as well.
In the front of the car, we have this guy here, which is the hood.
Underneath the hood is where the engine and all the other important parts of a car can be found.
And in the back, we also have the trunk.
The trunk is where we actually store things, right?
This is where we actually store things.
Um, for example, if we want to put a backpack, if we want to put something, we will put it in the trunk of the car in the garage.
It is also quite common to see different cartons, like milk cartons like this.
Or juice cartons like this one.
Um, like this one here, um, or perhaps even bottles.
I don't see.
I don't see any bottles right now, as I'm looking here, but often it's very common.
Dizzy bottles, cartons, milk cartons, juice cartons.
It's quite common because, um here, what we can actually do is if you take your your milk cartons and your and your bottles and things like that if you take them to the recycling depot or what we call the bottle Depot is actually what we call it.
If you take it there, you can actually get a little bit of money back for each carton and each bottle dot that you return in the garage.
You will also see a lot of gardening and lawn care related things.
So, for example, in a garage you will probably see a lawnmower, or maybe something like a rake or some gardening gloves, perhaps even Ah, hose, maybe two hoses like we have in our in our garage.
We might even see in the garage something like a sprinkler.
Different items like that.
But with all of that said, in my opinion, this thing right here in my hand, I will show you properly.
There we go right here.
This is probably the most important thing.
The most important thing that we have that we need in the garage in the garage.
Gypsies when, um, when you live in a lease in Calgary for sure?
Because in Calgary, the winters are quite long, actually.
I mean, we have cold weather.
Probably, I would say maybe half, maybe approximately half the year.
Something like that.
Maybe it doesn't snow all the time, but we do get a lot of snow, and it does snow in Calgary.
And so this thing right here is called a shovel.
And the shovel is very important, because when when it snows outside, this is the item here that we use to get the ah, take the snow off of the driveway to actually shovel it off so that the snow isn't piling up in front of our house is moving on to some other things that we often find in the garage.
We have right here a ladder.
Look at that.
Now, this slaughter in particular, is what we call a step ladder.
So the very small they're not very tall.
Usually they have three steps, so I can show you here.
123 different steps on them.
People will also have different taller ladders as well.
So for example, this right here what you're looking at is an extension ladder.
This one in particular, I believe is 24 24 feet and it is made out of, um it is made out of fiberglass, and then we also have in my in my garage.
In particular, I've got a, um, another ladder, which is quite a bit taller.
It is about 32 feet, if I'm not mistaken, and it is made out of aluminum.
Um, I used to actually have a window cleaning business.
Um and so I used to use the latter's a lot, Um, when we're on job sites.
And one year when we were cleaning, cleaning people's windows, it was a very common tool or supply.
It was a very common thing that we had to use on our on the job sites when we were when we were cleaning windows.
Now, obviously, there's different things that you confined in the garage that I did not show you.
I mean, honestly, there's so many different things in in our garage that it would probably take maybe two or three videos to show you every little item that that we have.
But I'm curious.
Do you have Ah, Do you have a garage where where you live and if you do.
What are some?
What are some of the things that you keep in your garage?
Well, thanks again for watching.
It's getting a little bit cold here, so I'm goingto go back in my house and we will talk in the next video.
Bye for now.
See you.


What do Canadians keep in their garage? | Super Easy English 19

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