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Hello and welcome to another Eilts video today I would like to share with you something that I have been working on.
What you see here is a chat website that is completely dedicated to the online isles community.
My hope with this website is that we can together create a group online where users can come and talk with each other and exchange ideas and provide support, exchange contacts and even exchange questions that they faced on the exam.
So here's the main page.
You can log in, uh, as a guest in the top corner here.
There's no need for a password to log in as a guest.
So I'm gonna log Innes, Mr Isles.
Okay, So from the main page, we can see a list of users on this side and some people chatting on the other side.
Okay, let's log out.
Students can also create accounts with the website if they would like to have a dedicated user name, so you can just click on log in here and to create a account, you just need to email me, let me know what user name you would like students scoring seven or higher on the exam can register for special status as well as isles.
Instructors can also apply for special status.
So I'll log in.
Just let you see that is like Okay, so as you can see now, I'm logged in as Ryan and as a Niles instructor.
My name is Rid so that other users know that I have been approved as an Alice instructor.
So basically there are four colors to the names.
Guest users are all colored as gray and normal student users are black.
Our users who score seven or higher on their exam have a green color and I'll instructors have read.
And there are some benefits that come along with these different labels, and that some of that information is available on the Web site if you're interested in offline.
So basically, I hope this chats becomes a tool that our isles community can use to get to know each other and to provide each other with some guidance to create friendship and to support each other.
It's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and I hope to meet you there.


Chat with others about the IELTS in real time

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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