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Growing up I loved being a twin.
I have a twin sister named Hope,
And, she was my best friend.
My parents never had to worry about us being separated or being alone
Because, we had each other.
We'd make sure we were staying out of trouble
And we played by the rules and we'd have fun.
We have everything in common
We have the same friends, we'd have the same dolls, we had the same room!
We did everything together
Everyone gets so interested in twins.
Because they ask: "Oh it must be so cool having a twin"
Or: "I've always wanted to have a twin!"
But as I got older I realized being a twin
Wasn't exactly as fun as I thought it as going to be
We started... spreading apart
She started becoming popular, started wearing... the latest trends.
Started having so many friends, joined the theatre club
Started being involved in the school and going out every night
And partying. And then there was me, kinda
Was alone
Was in her shadow
And as twins we were expected to have the same things
If she got a car I would get a car
If she got straight A's, everyone will look at me and expect me to get straight A's, but...
I fell into a depression.
Isolation, Anxiety.
I felt so horrible about myself.
Because my parents would just brag about her
At every family reunion and then once they got to me...
I just felt like they had nothing to talk about...
I grew jealous of my twin sister
Someone who's been by my side and yet
Now I felt like she was above me
So I started wearing trends, I started trying to make those kinds of friends
But it never worked because it wasn't me
And I hate that it took years to realize this
But finally I had to look in the mirror and think to myself
I'm glad for being me
I'm glad of being an outcast I'm glad of not being into those styles
I'm glad about having my friends with their own personnality
Away from her's. And even though we're both
In completely different places in our life
Me still recovering from my own depression
And her going to college
I know we both still love each other
I know, for a fact, that no matter what,
I will always have someone to talk to
Because she still is my twin sister.


我忌妒我的雙胞胎姊妹 (I Was Jealous Of My Twin Sister)

288 分類 收藏
Lily Wei 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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