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Hello Everybody!
Come with me and my readers
Shawn, Lucy, Cora, Andrew, and another Andrew
I'm going to show you how to shop in a Korean grocery store
and choose the best of the best.
Let's look for Korean noodles, powders, grains, beans, and seaweed.
There are many kinds of noodles.
This are all wheat noodles.
So I'm using this really thin noodles.
It's called somyeon.
So I use this for all kinds of things: noodle soup, also spicy mixed noodles.
I always have this at home.
In my pantry.
You guys love cold noodles, in Korean: "naengmyeon."
That's my favorite noodle soup, naengmyeon.
Noodles are made with buckwheat and wheat.
And this is very chewy.
And sometimes they come with a package inside, of seasoning paste.
Or seasoning powder.
You can make broth with this powder package, and then eat it.
There are directions on how to make it
And also my website, I have a really good recipe, you can find.
This is my favorite brand.
This mul-naengmyeon has, you can feel, a liquid package inside, not powder
So easily you can mix with water.
Not only water, but add pear juice or apple juice.
Really tasty.
This is sweet potato starch noodles.
Dangmyeon. It's called dangmyeon
See? Dangmyeon.
All these noodles are made with sweet potato starch
People also call these "glass noodles"
When you make japcahe, stir fried noodles with vegetables and meat
Really tasty.
And also I make yachae hotteok
Hotteok filled with some vegetables and noodles
I use these noodles.
You can buy any brand.
This section is powders.
I always use potato starch.
It says "potato starch," easily you can find.
This is mung bean.
Mung bean jelly.
Mung bean starch.
You can see: "Mung bean starch"
When you go to a Korean restaurant, sometimes you see
square shaped jelly.
You don't know what is made with
But you buy one package, and you can make a huge amount.
Whenever I make rice cake, or sweet chewy rice cake, I use this.
Because easy and very convenient.
Yeotgireum-garu. Yeotgireum is barley malt.
Barley malt powder.
So when I make gochujang, I use this.
When I make rice punch called sikhye, I need this.
"Malt powder." You can see.
This is bean powder, soybean powder.
There are two types: raw soybean powder, and toasted soybean powder.
Toasted. Toasted on is nutty.
Usually when I make some injeolmi, Korean rice cake
coated with some nutty soybean powder
This is has to be toasted.
Sometimes my readers ask me: "Which one do I have to use?"
And this is roasted soybean powder.
You can see the difference.
Canned food.
I just use this mackerel pike.
Oops! Mackerel pike
I use this in kimchi-jjigae.
When I make kimchi stew, instead of using pork,
I sometimes use this
Or mackerel. Mackerel, we use this.
And also, what I use is golbaengi.
It's a kind of whelk, a kind of sea snail.
Really delicious and chewy and sweet, it's already cooked.
You can open it and eat it.
But sliced and mixed with noodles and spicy paste
It's Koreans' favorite dish.
Next, when I posted my recipe for curry rice
some of my Indian readers, they gave me a hard time
"Maangchi, I though that you were going to mix your own curry powder!"
No, not like that.
In Korea, there is only one product
it's curry, already packaged.
So this is Ottogi curry, my favorite.
Mild, hot, medium
Stir fry some vegetables and meat
and then later you mix this with water
and then pour this and stir together
and then make nice yellow, beautiful sauce, and you pour this on rice
Steamy rice, and then eat
Really tasty, ka-re rice.
You can make ka-re rice with this.
When I make multigrain rice I just pick up a few of these
and then I make it at home.
I use hyeonmi-chapssal, brown sweet rice
Sweet rice is glutinous rice
So brown sweet rice.
And also bori - barley.
Barley is here, you can find.
If you don't like glutinous rice
too sticky, then you can use just brown rice.
Some people ask me: "Oh Maangchi, how can you make your purple multigrain rice?"
Actually, it's black rice.
Here, black rice.
Don't use too much. Just add one tablespoon for one cup of white rice
And then color will change to a really beautiful purple color.
When the rice is done.
Good nutrients, it has.
Ok, and next, this is red beans.
Adzuki beans.
You know, I make porridge with these
I make some rice cake with these
You can find easily in a Korean grocery store.
I'm talking off, a little hot.
These are soybeans, dried soybeans.
Make meju, Korean doenjang,
Korean fermented bean paste, you gotta use.
Soybeans are very important in Korean cuisine.
And these are mung beans.
Green and small, and you can sprout very easily at home.
How to sprout mung beans, check out my website
Very easy and you will have a really really lot of fun.
Whole mung beans.
When I make bindaetteok, mung bean pancakes
I use these. Very easy! This is also mung beans
but already hulled. The skins are gone, so color is a very beautiful yellow.
So I just soak these with glutinous rice and then grind.
And then just mix with meat and vegetables and then pan fry
That's delicious, delicious bindaetteok you can make.
You know the Korean seaweed paper?
I don't like that name "weed" because such a delicious sea vegetable!
Somebody should change the name but everybody calls this seaweed
So what else can I do? I gotta follow them, right?
So anyway, this is seaweed paper.
In Korean, "gim."
You can see: "gimbap-young guun-gim"
Roasted seaweed, roasted seaweed.
This is for when you make gimbap, seaweed rice rolls, you can use this.
Or, this is not roasted.
Just dried seaweed paper.
You can make gimbap with this, too.
You just toast slightly.
And also this kind of gim is packed
so already oiled and salted.
So this is very crunchy and people call these seaweed chips.
You can just take it out and eat it.
I'm sure that you guys know this.
When you make triangle gimbap
You can use this one easily.
You can open it and there are directions inside
and you follow the directions and you can make this.
I have a recipe on my website if you want to make.
So this gim, usually I prefer not toasted one.
Untoasted, raw gim, dried gim
So I use this kind of gim.
Or sometimes when you make rice cake soup
you just toast, make it crunchy and crispy, crush this and then put this on top
of you rice cake soup, and the flavor is really enhanced.
Miyeok is very important in Korean cuisine.
You know why?
Everybody's birthday you gotta make this soup.
Miyeok soup. Miyeok-guk.
So miyeok-guk is kind of makes Koreans emotional.
In Korea, when a woman is having a baby
For one month you need to take a rest at home and keep eating miyeok-guk.
See? Miyeok.
I can open this.
I use my teeth so my readers are laughing.
No time to find scissors!
See? Look at that.
So easily breakable, like this. Right?
This is miyeok.
Dried miyeok.
Dasima, dasima, dasima...
Also here! Dasima
Always check the back.
Dried kelp.
Also, don't worry about this white stuff on the surface.
This is good, you don't have to wash before using.
Because when it's dried, all delicious umami flavor is all these things.
Us this.
- Do you prefer which kind?
Which kind? Umm...
She has a really good question, she asked me: "Which one is good dasima?"
I choose thick. This cone.
Thick and sturdy looking.
If this is thick, it has a lot of savory taste inside.
That's why I choose thick one always.
Like this. I think that's very thin.
Compared to this.
This guy looks like a dried fish.
You know? I will choose this one.
All dried vegetables. You guys came to my website, I have
more than 300 recipes so far.
I haven't used all these dried vegetables yet.
So that means that I have so many recipes not yet posted.
But gosari, probably you heard about that
because I used that in many recipes.
i gotta be violent!
[laughs] My mistake, I didn't bring my scissors today.
I brought my knife, but forgot to bring my scissors.
So this says "dried bracken."
You can use any brand.
When you see this, gosari, oh nice, beautiful, look like a boquet.
See? Gosari, very well dried.
Looks like a very thin wire.
But when it's plumped, soaked in water, boiled in hot water, and soaked
it's going to really expand a lot.
And turn into so tasty, meaty, texture.
All these dried vegetables, you don't have to keep in the refrigerator.
Keep in the pantry. Dry and cold place.
See the inside. Inside there is a lot of broken things
don't buy this.
And also this is bellflower roots.
Bellflower roots actually originally look like ginseng.
Sliced and made into strips and dried.
So this is doragi, I can soak in water several hours
After that, I can cook
Or just eat, make a salad.
Mix with Korean seasoning, really tasty.
You can also make tea with this.
Good for your cough.
When your baby is coughing, you put this with water
and keep boiling.
and then add some honey.
And then just drink.
When you choose doragi, choose think one.
I don't like really thinly sliced, shredded one.
I have to plump this by soaking in cold water
After that all delicious stuff is gone, if this is too thin.
So choose thicker one, okay?
So this is bellflower root, dried bellflower root.
My website has a really good list of Korean grocery stores worldwide.
All the information about each store was submitted by my readers.
So all information is very correct and reliable.
Check it out! If you have a Korean grocery store in your area.
Whenever I travel to a foreign country, a need to Korean cooking, I come to my own website
to see the grocery store, and then I go.


Korean Grocery Shopping: noodles, powders, grains, beans, & seaweed

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