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  • >> Hilah: Hey dudes!

  • I am Hilah, and today on Hilah Cooking I am gonna show you a really, simple, quick springtime

  • salad.

  • Were gonna make a green pea salad with goat cheese, and this is sort of a modern,

  • twist on the classic green pea salad that usually has like a lot of mayonnaise, and

  • celery, and a little old tiny, perfect cubes of American cheese, and it’s real delicious

  • actually if you don’t believe me it is, but this is just a little bit lighter, and

  • a little more, it’s a little prettier I think personally, and you know, you eat with

  • your eyes first and all that stuff.

  • That goes for people too!

  • What does that mean?

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  • [Green Pea Salad Recipe]

  • >> Hilah: Okay, so for this salad I am going to use frozen peas.

  • I’ve just defrosted these.

  • I’ve put them in a colander, and then just pour some boiling water over it.

  • If you want to use fresh peas, you can totally feel free to shell a couple of pounds of peas.

  • It makes no difference to me, but youll just want to blanch them for like 30 seconds

  • to get them cooked.

  • So these are now thawed but still very cold.

  • The boiling water isn't enough to like heat them up or anything.

  • It just thaws them out.

  • So we got those in there.

  • That’s diced celery.

  • That’s classic, and then Chris and I were able to go out to this goat farm a couple

  • of weeks ago, Blue Heron Farm and shoot some stuff out there.

  • They make this really awesome goat cheese.

  • You can use any kind of goat cheese obviously, but this is just a plain chevre, and when

  • it’s cold it’s crumbly, and this goes for all chevres, but when it’s cold it’s

  • cold it’s crumbly, and when it’s room temperature warm it’s creamy, so we want

  • to use this cold because we want to sort of keep it in little, nice little clumps like

  • that, and this particular one is not very like goatey like some goat cheese is a little

  • strong.

  • This one is really, really mild.

  • So just find one that you like.

  • You want about, oh, about a half a cup of that in there, and then I’ve got some fresh

  • herbs .I’ve got parsley, and then the secret little kicker is some fresh mint.

  • If you don’t have any fresh mint growing, and you don’t want to pay like $500 for

  • a sprig at the store, you can just use some dried mint, a couple of pinches.

  • In that case you’d want to make the salad maybe an hour or two ahead of time just to

  • let that sort of dried her get all infused with all the flavors and everything.

  • You can make this also like a couple, maybe eight hours ahead of time with no noticeable

  • difference, and then a little squeeze of lemon juice, oooh, that squirted out really cutely.

  • Just prettier than a picture.

  • Don’t get any seeds, and a little lemon juice goes a long way here, and a little bit

  • of salt, and the amount of salt that you put in is gonna to depend on your cheese.

  • Some goat cheeses are saltier than others.

  • This one is not particularly salty, so a little bit of that, and then were just going to

  • toss it together really gently.

  • Like, we don’t want to break up those little clumps of goat cheese too much because I think

  • it just looks so beautiful with all these different shades of green and the white.

  • I mean, c’mon, it’s gorgeous, wow!

  • There.

  • That’s it.

  • Were done.

  • So this is like the shortest video in the history of Hilah Cooking, and give it a little

  • taste, and just taste it and see if you want to add more lemon or more salt, you know,

  • like a lot of times most recipes if their, they taste good, but theyre not delicious,

  • try adding, you know, a little bit of salt, and/or a little bit or lemon juice, and that

  • kind of takes pretty much every recipe that’s just okay and makes it awesome, so you know,

  • adjust to your taste, but I am going to taste this now.

  • Mmmmmmm!

  • Mmmm!

  • Man, I love popping little peas in my mouth.

  • It’s such a joyful feeling, and this salad is just so bright and light and lively and

  • wonderful.

  • It would go great with any kind of like grilled fish or grilled chicken or anything like that,

  • any kind of light protein would be fabulous, and I think it’s really beautiful too.

  • I think it might be even pretty enough to serve for Valentine’s Day.

  • So, there you go, green pea salad with goat cheese.

  • I hope you try it.

  • If you have an questions, leave them in the comments below, I’ll get to see them as

  • soon as I can.

  • Thanks so much for watching and please remember to subscribe and always the printable recipes

  • are at, so pea you later!

  • [MUSIC]

>> Hilah: Hey dudes!


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