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  • MATTHEW LEVINE: Right now we have way more demand for

  • qualified engineers than we have supply

  • of qualified engineers.

  • So if you know this stuff, your future

  • looks pretty bright.

  • JACLYN DECICCO: Google Computer Science Summer

  • Institute is a program for rising freshman in college.

  • It's a three week residential program held at Google, and

  • students come to Google to learn all

  • about computer science.

  • NICK: Back at home, computer science isn't offered in my

  • high school.

  • I went to orientation at my college, and I was around all

  • these other kids that already had prior experience.

  • And I would be starting from scratch, and they would be at

  • a higher level than I was.

  • And the CSSI helped me get a head start to that.

  • MATTHEW LEVINE: The idea behind the curriculum here is

  • to give students the tools they need to build something

  • that can immediately be used by people around the world.

  • They learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, App

  • Engine, and a bit of App Inventor on Android.

  • We basically take them from having little to no experience

  • with computer science to developing a fully functional

  • web application by the end of their three weeks here.

  • PRISCILLA: I didn't have a lot of friends who are

  • interested in it.

  • But when I came over here, obviously everyone here was

  • like, oh my God, computers and code.

  • And it's really cool to be around people who have the

  • same interests as you, that complete interest.

  • And they're all here for a common goal-- to learn stuff

  • about computer science, and to see if this is really what

  • they wanted to do.

  • ALEXIS: Before CSSI, I knew close to nothing about

  • programming, programming languages.

  • And now, the fact that I know these, it's great.

  • I know how to apply them to real life.

  • I know how to make a web page.

  • I know how to make applications.

  • SYDNEY: I am aware that a large percent of the people

  • who work in computer science are guys--

  • like, they're males.

  • So it's just really encouraging to come here and

  • see that there are so many other girls that are just like

  • me, and we're all into computer science.

  • Especially since we do have the boys outnumbered here,

  • it's really funny.

  • WILLIAM: It's definitely a great opportunity to come to

  • fine tune your skills, to figure out if computer science

  • really is right for you, or to really figure out what area

  • you want to go to computer science.

  • ALEXIS: If you're thinking about applying to CSSI, do it.

  • There's no question about it.

  • How could you not apply?

  • RADHA NARAYAN: We also have panelists from people across

  • Google who work in technology, but in different roles.

  • So there are people who work in engineering, in user

  • experience, [INAUDIBLE] design, in research, analysis,

  • program management.

  • And you get a little taste of what it would be like to work

  • in any one of these roles.

  • And we teach you the skills that you would need to develop

  • if you wanted to join, later on, in one of these roles.

  • JERICA JONES: CSSI was really important to me, because it

  • was my first step in a career towards my

  • full time job at Google.

  • From there, I went on to work in the engineering practicum.

  • And then from there, an internship, and finally I

  • converted to full time, which was really awesome.

MATTHEW LEVINE: Right now we have way more demand for


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谷歌的計算機科學暑期學院 (Google's Computer Science Summer Institute)

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