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  • crazy mother.

  • Hey, I said this is Alex.

  • So tonight, another hotel.

  • And this is gonna be a tough one, because this hotel is pretty less somewhere in UK.

  • I don't know exactly where this is.

  • Thing I know is that I do have a few ingredients.

  • And William, I'm sure I can make a nice dessert.

  • First off, I forgot.

  • So these are Weetabix.

  • I've got all these dry coffee sugar.

  • Then I've got some cookie.

  • I got these biscuits.

  • Also.

  • I was lucky enough to find a supermarket.

  • And this is what I bought some full fat Greek style yogurt.

  • So basically, my idea is simple.

  • I want to make a thing is for that mood first container.

  • I thought I could use this teacup.

  • You know what?

  • It's not transparent.

  • So I found another one.

  • This is my bathroom, by the way.

  • It's nice.

  • We have used this doubling.

  • And if you think I'm tired, well, this is really, really late.

  • It's like, Well, let's make a base biscuits, crush them, then do the same with mix it.

  • Now let's make a very strong There's no need to get some sugar in the coffee because there are already some sugaring.

  • The biscuit Make that shot and strong.

  • I'm still wondering, How am I going to sleep tonight?

  • A toll that coffee bit.

  • Who cares?

  • We have the base nearly done, so we have the coffee.

  • We have the biscuits to crush biscuit, the things we also need a bit of alcohol, and usually it's like a drop off two of amaretto, which is a and alcohol made with almonds.

  • The only thing I could find tonight, and we are lucky that I did find this is some Guinness.

  • But I reckon you know this is just out.

  • So you should have some coffee, some roasted flavors.

  • It should fit right in with the people mixed mix.

  • Who?

  • This over the biscuits.

  • It's nice.

  • Top it up.

  • So basically, we're missing some cocoa on the back.

  • I have some crumbling a few cookies.

  • I can get the effect of cocoa powder on guys.

  • I know this is not the real gigs, like really serum issue, but when you are sticking a little room in the little off nowhere, then I think this is turned off right to let this video.

  • If you did share it with friends.

  • If you want it Also subscribe to the channel for many more weird and delicious recipes that I have, and now I'm gonna enjoy this serum issue.

crazy mother.


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濃郁的提拉米蘇|酒店夥計烹飪 (Boozy Tiramisu | Hotel Guy Cooking)

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