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Hello, everyone.
This is Beth of cooking and crafting.
Today we're gonna be making a recipe out of a recipe book that I bought from my nephew, who was selling it for a fundraiser.
And this is called Inside Out ravioli U two's best For creative things.
It's cooking and crap.
I have a pound of ground hamburger groaning with chopped onion on DDE garlic.
I put in three.
I also have your own rule boiling, and that should be ready in 30 seconds.
I have a package of spinach that has been thought and squeezed off being juices.
Now you want to make sure you keep the juice because way we're going to be using that.
And I bet you need a model of that.
We're also gonna combine our macaroni.
I should've got a bigger container.
Think we're going to use this pan again?
So just keep that and then we are going to add in a cup of shredded cheddar.
I put a little bit more than a cup because he doesn't like that.
Then we need 1/2 of a cup of soft bread crumbs.
I didn't have quite enough, but I'm going with it.
We have 1/4 cup of salad oil, and that can be like canola oil or whatever you normally use on them.
We're gonna add in two ends that have been beaten.
Let's go ahead.
That was all about.
Now we're going back to this.
So which we're adding a eight ounce can of tomato fall well of jar of spaghetti sauce.
That is £1 one of we're just going to, um, turn that down.
We're just gonna mix it until everything kind of blends.
So I have a huge £2.
It's getting sauce, so we only use half of that there.
All right, so let me get this mixed up, and then we're gonna make being spaghetti and the sauces mixed up together.
You consulting pepper.
Um, your mix to your taste.
I'm using a smaller pan today in which I don't know if that's gonna be there.
Choice there.
Preheat oven to 3 50 It should booth and half a second hole.
Killer timing.
Then once you have that sprayed on all of the noodles and cheese and what not mixed together, what wouldn't feel that into your and this is just about ready to go because it has mingled part of it.
So we're gonna pour that right on top of it.
We're going to bake it for 30 minutes in the 300 and 50 degree of them.
See if I can get over just a tad.
How much your wife called out.
Cult essence.
It's using the shell noodles instead of Lika.
You know, Coultas usually like, uh I mean, um, ravioli.
Sorry, flat, but whatever.
I don't care what it's called is long as it's good.
Okay, that's good.
And it does not say to cover it, but I might do that just so that it doesn't go everywhere in my oven, So we'll be back in 30 minutes after it comes out of the oven.
You want to make sure that it sits and rests for 10 minutes.
This actually tastes quite good.
Um, don't forget to give me a thumbs up.
I hope you do make it.
I hope you enjoy it.
Please don't forget to share this video on your social media.
I would truly appreciate it once again.


Inside Out Ravioli

4 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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