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  • I’ve worked at McDonald’s for over 10 years.

  • I’m that face that you see that serves you your hash browns

  • for breakfast, maybe a quarter pounder for lunch,

  • and even gave you a McFlurry to top off your dinner menu.

  • So I ask you, if I caught the coronavirus,

  • would you want me making your next meal?

  • There are 500,000 McDonald’s workers, just like me,

  • that have to go to work, whether sick or well,

  • because we have no paid sick leave.

  • I currently make 11.50.

  • I live paycheck to paycheck.

  • A sick day for me is lost wages.

  • I’d literally have to be damn near on my deathbed

  • to take a full blown sick day.

  • A missed check is the difference between

  • me having a roof over me and my family's

  • head versus us being homeless.

  • Welcome to McDonald’s. May I take your order?”

  • McDonald’s is one of the largest employers

  • in the world.

  • There are hundreds of thousands

  • of McDonald’s workers that touch millions

  • of customers' food each day.

  • There is nothing so clean

  • as my burger machine!”

  • The CDC found that 20% of food service workers

  • go to work even exhibiting the signs of vomiting

  • or diarrhea.

  • And I should know, I’m one of those workers.

  • Last week, I was under the weather.

  • I was sick to the point where I had to leave the grill

  • to go to the restroom, and I wound up vomiting.

  • I could have been sent home with paid sick leave,

  • and not have to worry about coming to work sick,

  • because I don’t have to worry about how my bills are going

  • to get covered for the days that I missed.

  • Hello, McFamily.”

  • Last week, McDonald’s did roll out a coronavirus plan,

  • stating that anybody that’s quarantine will be paid.

  • Protecting the well-being of our people

  • and our customers is our number one priority.”

  • But you guys, don’t be fooled.

  • That’s only for corporate owned McDonald’s.

  • But 95% of McDonald’s are franchise stores,

  • including my store.

  • So that does not benefit us whatsoever.

  • Today, the Senate is taking up coronavirus legislation.”

  • This week, the government passed a law

  • that enables people that have the coronavirus

  • to get paid time off.

  • “... two weeks of paid sick leave.”

  • The bill does have an exemption for businesses

  • with 500 employees ...”

  • “... depending on how you look at it,

  • it only covers about 20% of workers.”

  • Republicans made it

  • so that doesn’t apply to big businesses, such as McDonald’s.

  • And listen closely,

  • that’s only with the coronavirus.

  • What about the flu?

  • What about the next outbreak?

  • What then?

  • McDonald’s has the power to make it

  • so anybody in a McDonald’s uniform

  • that wears the McDonald’s logo, like I do,

  • could be provided with paid sick leave, especially

  • during this critical time.

  • Companies can change this. Since this coronavirus pandemic,

  • Olive Garden has given their employees paid sick leave

  • not just during this time,

  • but for good.

  • So we know that McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Subway

  • they can all do it as well.

  • But they just have chosen not to.

  • McDonald’s could provide

  • paid sick leave for hundreds of thousands

  • of its workers right now, here today.

  • Well, with that being said, off to work I go.

  • Y’all have a blessed day.

I’ve worked at McDonald’s for over 10 years.


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你的 "四分之一磅炸彈 "有病毒?為什麼麥當勞需要保證帶薪病假? (Virus With Your Quarter Pounder? Why McDonald's Needs to Guarantee Paid Sick Leave)

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