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  • but hey, Gaby, that way.

  • Good Wait.

  • Angle makes sour sour mango Rome angle, but very, very nice.

  • Smooth, fresh.

  • Our lives difficult on again, but in some spices Give it a shot.

  • Wait, I'm I'm trying.

  • Fresh for me.

  • Really, really nice.

  • Not as sorry as I was expecting.

  • So pleasant Surprise.

  • It's a local food from here.

  • You look like not see me.

  • But I would be a more power.

  • But it was beautiful.

  • Make a mango different really early on.

but hey, Gaby, that way.


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科倫坡一瞥(斯里蘭卡) / Show Me The Curry旅行日誌 (Glimpses of Colombo (Sri Lanka) / Show Me The Curry Travel Log)

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