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  • Hey, dudes, I'm highlight.

  • And today, on highly cooking, we're doing pulled pork in the slow cooker because it's probably starting to get cool in some places in the world.

  • Not really here, but throw it in the slow cooker.

  • Forget about eight or 10 hours, and then you can make awesome sandwiches, burritos, tacos or whatever for your sports games when you have your friends over way.

  • Rub first.

  • I've got a couple tablespoons of plain old American mustard.

  • You can use any kind mustard, but I like this one because it's cheap.

  • And when asked of brown sugar, that's about right and some salt instant bad paper and then a couple of little secret ingredients but not so secret anymore.

  • Some ground coriander and a little bit of smoked paprika rub.

  • This is what's going to kind of give it that, like barbecue smoky flavor, like as a few smoked it outside.

  • But you didn't because you did it in a slow cooker, and you can get a smoke crack.

  • We get most Spice Isles now, like most grocery stores in the spice aisle, it's getting pretty easy to find, so we just want to fix this together and this is a recipe that I pulled straight from.

  • My slow cooker cookbook actually released it last year, but didn't It was like during the summer, kind of which is not really the time of year than people think about slow cooker stuff.

  • So I didn't really, like mention it anywhere.

  • But so do you want more slow cooker recipes?

  • Check that out.

  • It's on Amazon, and there's 40 recipes like meats and vegetables and vegetarian stuff and breakfast on bread and desserts.

  • All kinds of stuff.

  • This is one of my favorites from the book, so we've got our little spice paste there, and then I've got a about a £3 pork shoulder roast.

  • 3 to £4 is good.

  • If you wantto use a bone in pork roasts, that'll probably be a little have a little better flavor.

  • But if you'd rather not pay for a bone that you're not gonna eat, then I don't blame you.

  • So you just wanna get this paste all over your little roast here or your big roast of the case may be, And then amazing.

  • My slow cooker here is Ah, I think this is like a four and 1/2 or five court size something.

  • Obviously, that's big enough to hold the roast.

  • Plop it in here.

  • That and then once it's in there, I can go ahead and smear this paste on the other two sides.

  • Okay, so once you've got your meat spread, when's she getting meat spread?

  • We're gonna add some apple cider vinegar, and either you can use a beer or some chicken stock with a slow cooker, usually cook it with the lid on, so you don't really actually need to add any liquid for the liquid sake.

  • What?

  • We're adding this stuff for flavor more than anything because it's a closed system.

  • I go very in depth about how slow cookers work in my book, if you want to get it and read about, it might be a little too nerdy to talk about on the video show, all right, and then we're just gonna put this in there in the Crock pot for 8 to 10 hours on low.

  • Or, if you're in a hurry, you could do 4 to 5.

  • But really, if you have the time toe wait on the 8 to 10 anything that you cook him slow cooker.

  • Meat wise is gonna be better if you couldn't do it on low.

  • All right, so when it's ready, bring it over here.

  • Be careful because the crock will be hot, hot crack, and then we can just kind of shred it up.

  • So two forks.

  • And if this this is also really forgiving if you aren't gonna be home within 10 hours, if you need to let it go for 11 hours or something, that's also fine.

  • It works just great.

  • So just shredded up this finally or as coarsely as you like, and then as you shred it, wanna move it into a serving dish or something?

  • But I like to shred it in there with all the juices as you shredded.

  • It kind of gets coated in the sauce.

  • So you've got all your pork here.

  • You could just leave the bone in the pot.

  • We're ready to serve it.

  • So I'm gonna get some bread and make a little pulled pork sandwich.

  • Okay for my sandwich, I'm just gonna keep it really simple with some pickles and meat and a little hamburger bun.

  • So there's meat down.

  • And then some homemade spicy pickles.

  • A couple of those on there.

  • Yeah, all right.

  • Pulled pork sandwich.

  • Anyone?

  • Don't mind if I d'oh.

  • So for more information about the slow cooker book, if you're interested, click the link to my Web site.

  • And then, if you want to just buy it, I'll put the Amazon link in the description box below the video and for other roasty meats are they also did a oven brisket recipe a while back.

  • That's super duper, super amazing and good, and this would also be good with hands.

  • Alan, you want aside their suggestions, so let's give her a taste simple.

  • The simple, slow cooked meet the best things in the world today.

  • You know there's full port in a slow cooker.

  • It really couldn't be easier on hope.

  • You try this for game day or weekend or Sunday lunch or whatever.

  • Pretty recipes are available at highly moving dot com.

  • Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys next time.

  • Bye.

  • Hey, dude, I'm highlighting theory.

Hey, dudes, I'm highlight.


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