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  • no rush, No.

  • You know, we're gonna make it very difficult.

  • Who?

  • You know these symbols.

  • You see the profile you see from the side.

  • It curves up like this, right?

  • It goes, right.

  • It goes like that, right?

  • The symbols that we typically use, I usually just go like that.

  • Right?

  • But because of that, because of that sounded because of this, it creates a very unique sound, right?

  • Not either smaller.

  • So what do you think they're gonna?

  • They're gonna be higher or lower in pitch higher.

  • Exactly.

  • Actually, every concert, every Chinese New Year, you play a concert for Chinese New Year, and I always try these.

  • This is the only time the whole season that I get to play Cymbals like it's really fun, right?

no rush, No.


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上海非常年輕的作曲家向紐約愛樂音樂家學習 (Very Young Composers of Shanghai Learn from New York Philharmonic Musicians)

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