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  • CARRIE ANN INABA: Nia Franklin.

  • New York, you are Miss America 2019.

  • NIA FRANKLIN: My love of classical music

  • since from, actually, later in life,

  • when I was introduced to choral music.

  • And I joined my chorus class in high school.

  • And actually, ended up being an honors chorus,

  • making the North Carolina honors chorus.

  • That experience really showed me how important

  • it is to really dedicate yourself to something,

  • and that's what classical music is all about for me.


  • NIA FRANKLIN: Everyone knows that the New York

  • Philharmonic is iconic.

  • That's why it's so special that the Phil of the Hall

  • is making their orchestra affordable for anyone.

  • I would encourage everyone to please come out to this event.

  • It's going to be so affordable.

  • For just $5, you can see a world class orchestra perform.

  • I believe that everyone should have equal access to the arts.

  • And the Phil the Hall is providing that.

  • I've seen firsthand what the arts scene for kids

  • and what the exposure to the arts could do.

  • So I hope to see a lot of young faces in the crowd.

  • And I cannot wait to visit this event.



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美國小姐尼婭-富蘭克林邀請你去 "菲爾大廳" (Miss America Nia Franklin Invites You to "Phil the Hall")

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