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  • Hi friends!

  • Guess what?

  • I'm going to the beach today, YAY!

  • I'm so excited

  • I'm going to dig holes and build a sand castle

  • and when I'm covered in sand, I'm going to run to the ocean

  • and splash around and get all cleaned off

  • I love to swim in the ocean

  • Especially when it's hot outside

  • My Mom told me to go and pack my beach bag

  • but, I think that I have some stuff that I don't need

  • I need your help

  • Let's go through my bag together and take out

  • all the items that I won't need at the beach

  • Let's see what's in my bag so far

  • I have a sand shovel

  • Sunscreen lotion

  • Winter gloves

  • What's that?

  • One of these things doesn't belong?

  • Well which one?

  • I need my shovel to dig in the sand

  • I need my sunscreen to protect me from sunburns

  • And I need my....... Winter Gloves!?!

  • It is way too hot outside for winter gloves

  • Who put those in there?

  • Let's keep going through my beach bag

  • I have my sunglasses

  • My toothbrush

  • My water bottle

  • Wait a second

  • One of these things doesn't belong

  • Do you know which one of these I don't need at the beach?

  • My toothbrush!?!

  • Who needs a toothbrush at the beach?

  • It will get all sandy. Gross!

  • There's a few more items in my beach bag

  • I have my beach towel

  • My sand bucket

  • A hammer

  • and my chapstick

  • Wait! One of these things doesn't belong in my beach bag

  • Bananas do you know which one?

  • A hammer!?!

  • What could I possibly need a hammer for at the beach?

  • Wow! I think that's everything

  • You were a big help today

  • I could not have packed my beach bag without you

  • There, now my bag is packed and I'm ready to hit the beach

  • Bye!

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Hi friends!


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海灘日 ~ 和Tayla一起喝茶的時間 (Beach Day ~ Tea Time with Tayla!)

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