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  • It's taken Jimmy so long to bring this ice down from the ice house, I'm surprised on

  • a hot day like today more of it hasn't melted.

  • You might have already seen Mrs Crocombe in some of our videos online, but what you might

  • not actually realise is that she was a real person who worked here at Audley End in the

  • 1880s.

  • I had wondered if he had gone to Alaska himself for it.

  • Hi I'm Peter Moore, curator of collections for English Heritage and we're here at Audley

  • End House and Gardens in Essex.

  • In 2009, a visitor to Audley End recognised the name of the house and remembered that

  • it was inscribed in a book that been left to him by his aunt. It turned out that the

  • book was Avis Crocombe's hand-written collection of recipes and very fortunately the book was

  • donated to English Heritage.

  • Anyway, as it's so hot I think it would be nice for the family to have cucumber ice cream

  • with their dinner. And to make it you will need.

  • Avis Crocombe was clearly a very versatile cook, there are all sorts of different types

  • of recipe here. But you get the sense that she really enjoyed cooking puddings. There

  • are recipes for example for suet pudding, biscuit pudding, cake pudding and one here

  • for custard pudding which she was obviously very pleased with as she's written in brackets

  • afterwards 'Very Good'.

  • We were able to discover that Avis Crocombe had actually worked in domestic service since

  • she was thirteen years old. First as a servant at her brothers farmhouse in Devon, and then

  • in her early twenties in a London townhouse belonging to the Viscount Sidney.

  • Firstly you need to peel and core your apples and then stew them in a light sugar syrup.

  • When she was in her thirties, Avis Crocombe worked as a cook housekeeper at Langley Hall

  • in Norfolk. This was something of a promotion, she had three kitchen maids, housemaids and

  • two laundry maids working under her.

  • In 1881, aged 43, Mrs Crocombe became cook to the Braybrookes in their London townhouse

  • but she came to Audley End to work in the kitchens here when the family came to visit

  • their country estate.

  • Now that your apples are stewed, you can take them out of the syrup and form the body of

  • the hedgehog.

  • So join us at Audley End where these stories really come to life.

  • And there you have it, Apple Hedgehog. A jolly autumnal dish.

It's taken Jimmy so long to bring this ice down from the ice house, I'm surprised on


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真正的克羅姆夫人|艾維斯-克羅姆是誰? (The Real Mrs Crocombe | Who Was Avis Crocombe?)

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