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  • What are you doing?

  • That was that.

  • That's what set off this street style.

  • Oh, you okay?

  • You want a battle of the word for?

  • Yeah.

  • Okay, fine.

  • Fine.

  • Right.

  • Battle.

  • Anyone?

  • Somebody up.

  • Oh, I must win.

  • Pass on Mike's son.

  • You can skip the introductions.

  • You stand back longer, you'll be done with it.

  • Came the drop box because that my only function sense Then you might want a hide, or I'm gonna find you all better.

  • Stay out of sight.

  • I won't use my insides coming, dynamite.

  • So when you hear me, I'm gonna light up the night.

  • You wanna rap battle?

  • I guess we can id rather fistfight.

  • But you don't have any hands.

  • Your freak.

  • You look like a walking green Penis.

  • You ain't got no brains.

  • Because if you did, I would eat getting pissy.

  • Listen, when you get mad, I get killed by the sunlight.

  • But you kill yourself, you dumb ass.

  • Bring me someone else to go against.

  • You can go on rap battle a cow, you have a but it's only gonna make this harder.

  • Gods or what they believe in monster.

  • Stay inside.

  • Just make sure you lock the door Here's a list of demands Find a new cologne, please.

  • In a clean pair of pants Looking after this song is a spot in a funeral home where you belong Takes all the Villagers around and find that time I show what I bring their houses Now they tell me in your bark is bigger than your fight One Sorry, Mister Zombie is assigned to demands for you too, buddy.

  • Give me five.

  • You can't, Armless, dummy.

  • I'll smack you around to prove gunpowder.

  • A mix it with some sand makes and t and c outta.

  • You don't want this.

  • You can beat me.

  • You like Steven is bad your dream in going a wiggle away before you get mad, I might be dead.

  • Remain.

  • Your skills are It's only gonna make this harder.

  • God, you see what they believe in, monster.

  • Now wait.

  • So stay inside.

  • Just make sure you knock the door thinking about it for a little bit.

  • I don't know why we're arguing.

  • That's kind of true.

  • We both kill people were kind on the same team here.

  • It's not the size of the one in the matching innings.

  • I'm skinny and upward but were brought back with women.

  • So who cares?

  • In my watch, girls when they sleep and haters gonna hate green.

  • This was kind of fun.

  • I'm sorry if I said things that were hurtful to Didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

  • After all, we have a lot of things in common creepers and somebody's mind.

  • But it's only gonna make this harder what they believe in monster way.

  • So stay inside and just make sure you knock.

  • Your wife is I?

What are you doing?


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