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Salute! It's Alex! Welcome back to the ...
... Nothing ...
I broke another pasta machine
ahhh ... I had two accidents. You probably saw the first accident,
in a video awhile ago
might be understandable as my machine was super cheap
but for the second one, I used like
some pretty legit,
Italian brand, and although I did nothing
particular to it,
it did FAIL on me again! so long story short,
I'm basically FED UP with this situation!
I have something else in mind, it requires a bit of er...
confidence ... and also doing
some shopping
I want a pasta machine
so I'm going on the website
AliExpress. It's not a paid sponsorship by the way!
It allows me to get in touch directly
with suppliers and factories from all over the world er....
mainly ... China...
ok ... this one is exactly the one I had earlier minus
the price of course, which is only 10 dollars on this website.
I think it's the right value for it, but there is no
point in me buying this again. and its SOMETHING BOLD!!!
so now... oooo
30, 40 kilos per hour
nahhhh ... this is too expensive!
I'm looking for something cheaper, and easier to fix
if its broken during delivery, which I'm sure happens
quite alot. yeah, this is good, yeah man this is
good! ahhhhhh....
I think we have a DEAL! BUY NOW.
so that whole thing, is a pretty accurate re-enactment of what I did
exactly three weeks ago. And to be honest, I was
very much worried that my package would
never show up! Boy was I wrong!
what's in this package can solve
my problem. This is supposed to get me from amateur side
Who wants to be an amateur? All the way to the
Pro side!
I wanna be a Pro! Here it is! oh!
I don't like the sound of this...
ahhhh hahahha
oops! **** me! look at this! completely damaged!
Er.... I know it might sound a bit unusual but before
we actually start the proper product review,
I need to fix a few things first.
otherwise, nothing's gonna work.
ahhhh.... now we can start
the product review.
so the machine comes with the nice... er you know,
premium manual, when you can read this
and those machines are good helper of modern families.
would it help possibly?
is it modern?
I don't know, you tell me :)
Let me state this clear!
The main reason why I got this machine in the first place, is because of
this. You see the small gear, meshing up with the
big gear? this is called a,
gear reduction, 12 teeth and the big gear
has 48. I know what you're thinking!
You don't care that much! WRONG!
The speed of the big gear is 4 times
slower than the speed of the small gear. But the torque is gonna be
4 times stronger! and that's ...
what's super important for me especially when I work
with low hydration dough... which are
Super stiff! and that naturally leads us to the next
mechanism that I want to review
the flattening system. How to adjust the
thickness of your dough? there are 2 knobs in the
front when you unscrew them
the space between the 2 rods gets wider
I think this is a great feature, because I can do 1,2,
3,4 milimeters, but I can also do
1.5, 2.5. See! This is analogue!
and now to the noodle knife.
The machine came along with 2 knives attachment.
This one is made to cut 4 milimeters pasta
and this one is made to cut
2 milimeters
pasta. you just have to slide them in
and then you er, bear with me... secure them
in place with this little tab
then as you spin the bigger rods, the smaller ones
are doing their duty.
without further a due, lets just give
this machine a proper
test. so I suggest we start with
something simple, an Italian pasta dough
so the recipe is very straight forward, its a 100gram
of flour
and 1 egg
Fold, press, fold, press, fold, press
fold, press, fold, press, fold, press. Well that was before, 'cause now we can also
use our heavy-duty pasta maker to do
the kneading process. ok guys I'm sure
that everything's gonna be fine, but I still need your positive vibes on this
'cause its the very first time
that I'm gonna use this machine
I'm not worried, I'm not worried!? The first spin....
you wanna fold it on itself. Here we go again!
so honestly, getting that dough super smooth was like
a breeze! right... Let's flatten it out.
ok its probably useless now
but er... it was just to prove my point
that dough is crazy thin!
Like I can almost see through it. I can definitely
see through it! ok, let's move on to the second dough.
it's gonna be way more challenging for this bad boy! so it's gonna be
a 40% hydration dough. Here I've
got 400grams of flour, meaning that I need
160 grams of water.
oh I can already tell this is gonna put some
stress on those rods! Do not be
intimidated by this dough. It's very stiff!
at first you think its not gonna come together but
Right, so the dough is far from being ready.
you see, so crumbly, it's not smooth
ok right, let's open those rods to their maximum,
and pray!
oh so for the record, I'm not putting that many
effort into this. Almost nothing I should say.
Right, time to give the noodle knife a test!
ooh la la, come on, look at those beauties!
Ok! Enough of the joyful excitement for now!
let's just dive into practical
I'm French after all, I need to complain about something!
First of all, there is no way to feed
the dough properly into the machine! a part from this
dough feeder.
now a quick word about the locking mechanism, I think we can all
agree that it's...
at best... Pathetic!
There is also a problem with the main wheel which is you know... jiggling around. It's not
that stable! Especially if we want to
just you know... CRANK THE SPEED A LITTLE BIT!
cause I don't know if you noticed? But there is a groove in this
spinning wheel which basically means that we can
erm... strap it up to a belt and to a
of course I can't wait to get my hands dirty
and make you know a... chinese
pasta maker machine 2.0
er... But I think that will have to wait until part 2
Well I know what you're thinking! you're thinking
"that boy just bought a big ass pasta machine to make even more ramen!"
and... and about this, you couldn't be possibly more right!
The thing is ... you just don't see the
value in ... a reliable pasta maker!
you can flatten doughs ... but you can make Italian pasta... you can make
Dumplings! You can even make French Stuff!
But with a you know ... small twist like making
puff pastry with this, is a breeeze! Ahhhhhhh.....
A big thumbs up like it and share that over all your social media
#Spreaditlikebutter You know the
famous greasy Hastag. People let's click subscribe 'cause I make new videos every week
It's always about pushing further! It's always about
challenging the status quo when you know... having fun!
Take care, bye bye! Salute!


I Imported a HEAVY-DUTY Pasta Machine From China...

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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