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  • >> Hilah: Hey dudes!

  • I am Hilah, and today on Hilah Cooking I have another delicious, frosty mango drink for

  • you.

  • This time there’s not alcohol in it.

  • Boo!

  • I know, right?

  • But it is still delicious, and it’s really healthy.

  • It’s called a Mango Lassi.

  • It’s yogurt, mango, and ice.

  • That’s pretty much it.

  • It’s great for breakfast or a quick snack, or even a light dessert, and it’s super-simple,

  • I’ll show you how to make it right this second coming up in just T minus 10 seconds.

  • [MUSIC]

  • [Mango Lassi Recipe]

  • >> Hilah: So the basic recipe is just a little bit of water.

  • This is just sort of to get it moving.

  • It should be fluid, thin enough to drink, kind of like a go-gurt, but actually healthy,

  • and then some plain yogurt.

  • I imagine you could use a flavored yogurt if you like, plop!

  • But plain is traditional.

  • Some fresh, delicious, ripe mango.

  • I have cut up two mangos here, but I probably just need about half of this, the riper the

  • better, of course, and some ice, and this is just going to make it like really cold

  • and refreshing and awesome.

  • And a lot of recipes will call for sugar.

  • I like to just add a little bit of honey.

  • I think the mango is really pretty sweet, so maybe just a little spoonful of honey.

  • Helps the medicine go down, and then we just blend it up.

  • You could add mint.

  • You add cardamom.

  • You could even add turmeric if you wanted more of an intense, yellow color, so here

  • we go.

  • [blend] Voila!

  • Et. voila!

  • So, I don't know, did I mention this drink originates in India, and it’s served in

  • like the really hot summer days to cool you off.

  • Look at that.

  • Mmmmmmmm!

  • Delightful!

  • In America we call this a smoothy.

  • Mmmmmm!

  • Do I have something on my face?

  • Mmmmmmm!

  • That’s delicious.

  • It’s nice and tart, very mangoey, and cold and it’s icy, and it’s just really great.

  • I hope you try it.

  • You could use different fruits too if you like.

  • If you have another fruit that’s in season where you are that is going to be riper and

  • more delicious than a mango at this time, go ahead and use that.

  • Mix it up.

  • Leave a comment, and let me know what you think, and I will talk to you guys soon!

  • Bye!

  • [MUSIC]

>> Hilah: Hey dudes!


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