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  • **looking for audience**

  • **found us!!**

  • So, the whole studio is just a big, wide mess.

  • A bit like, uhh...nevermind.

  • Yeah, I got good plans for us today...

  • ...but let's just clean this out first, okay?

  • [music plays: "Good Meal" by Ghost Notes]

  • A fun fact: this also works for, like, home improvement.

  • Not only for cooking. You you you're just too square!

  • I gotta clean all this I gotta clean all this I gotta clean all this, but it's not so fun

  • I want to make something fun so um...

  • ok, to be honest I don't know what hes doing this time

  • aaaaahhh I get it

  • Namin Michael Randy Dukie the wire season 4

  • In my opinion the best written

  • Series so far now that the studio looks way better. I can say "salut" This is still messy, but there is only one

  • shady spot, but I got many knives which is good, but I'm struggling to just hang them on the wall every time

  • I want to take a knife

  • this happens

  • Which is not optimal especially from a neighbor point of view so my first idea with all those knives was

  • Just you know organize them just to place them in the bathroom cabinets, or you know key cabinet

  • But it does sound a bit common and I mean that's not exactly what we do right. Let's find something with a bit more attitude

  • So I'm at IKEA the furniture store, and I found those shoes storage pretty thing

  • stinks yeah, probably, but I also found those cheap framing, which seems to be perfect for like a

  • top-secret

  • contraption kind of thing let's make

  • It

  • ouch ouch ouch aaaaaaaaahh

  • **beeping sound because of words you don't say around your mother**

  • I Did follow the explanation to the letter I did this and then I did this

  • oh Look, Alex

  • There's a poster in the background by the way these posters plus another one all available on link description

  • A poster I dont know what you're talkin about

  • I would love to take the opportunity and just introduce you to my kitchen knife collection

  • So this is my all around knife the knife. I use the most just because it is my knife. This is very handy

  • It's not exactly as cleaver to Chinese cleaver which makes a difference

  • This is the visual in a chef's knife which I did use in a recent video super

  • All-around knife likely to work off. It was sent to me from China. It's a company called Shimizu

  • This is from a company called edge of Belgravia. This is probably the

  • Oldest knife I got given to me by my grandmother

  • And she got this from her grandmother the funny light super cheap super sharp. Just becomes girl in no time

  • This is by far the best knife to fillet a fish. It's from a company called

  • Martini, this is my beloved

  • Pocket knife. It's a French one. It's a beautiful one. The only problem is that doesn't lock

  • This is an amazing knife my mum brought this back to me from Japan

  • Okay, so just a quick note is if you were to replicate that at home here. It's a workshop

  • So it doesn't matter that much but a knife could drop even though it looks very sturdy

  • It could just fall on the ground you should always be careful, okay

  • I'm always in the hunt for new blades you you know sure premium knives

  • No, not especially the most expensive one

  • But just good reliable one so long story short if you make knives reach out to me

  • And I'll see what I can do okay, what so guys. That's it. I hope you enjoyed this if is a

  • subscribe for more food videos, yes, this channel is always about food, but it's not you know the it's more like the

  • Big picture, thank you so much for all the love and the goods, that you guys are always sending me

  • I know the family is getting bigger and bigger and bigger so I wish you a very happy holiday. Bye

  • all hail caption god RocksDaRS

**looking for audience**


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