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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the gary dot com i Malaysia and I'm Hittle.

  • And today we're making a coconut raj McCurry.

  • Najma being kidney means so that is our star of our show, right?

  • So we have two cups off kidney beans that we soaked overnights approximately eight hours and look at them.

  • They have puffed up so nicely, they have increased in size.

  • And as you noticed, the color of the water has also changed.

  • But what we're gonna do is we're gonna drain out this water, and you're gonna use fresh water for the cooking.

  • So we drained off all the water and rinse the Dodge Mom or kidney beans, and we have them in a pressure cooker to this.

  • We're gonna add some sold and six cups of war.

  • Give it a quick mix, close the pressure cooker and cook it on a medium high until it whistles two times and then we're gonna reduce the flame to a simmer and allow it to cook for 45 minutes.

  • Meanwhile, stopped working on this way.

  • Have a ban on medium heat and one tablespoon of oil.

  • And it's not that we're gonna add half a teaspoon of mustard cheese, and we also have some whole spices.

  • We have a piece of cinnamon, one black cardamom to green cardamom, five whole cloves and a bay leaf.

  • I'm gonna add that once it pops, start for about 10 to 15 seconds.

  • We're gonna add half a cup of finally chopped onions and a little salt.

  • Healthy onions fester well companions until they get translucent.

  • And we forgot her curry leaves.

  • We have one sprig of curry leaves.

  • They should have gone in right after the whole spices.

  • The onions look translucent.

  • We're going now.

  • And one tablespoon of ginger, one tablespoon of garlic and green Ginny's to taste.

  • We're gonna make and cook until they're brown.

  • The onions were looking perfectly nice and caramelized.

  • Now we have one cup of pureed tomatoes.

  • We basically just round up three good size Roma tomatoes mad that in and once again, we're gonna mix it through and cook it until the oil start separating from mixture.

  • Three tomatoes are looking beautiful.

  • They're kind of clumping together, so we know it's ready.

  • And Liberty oil is losing out from the sites.

  • When at our dry spices, we're gonna reduce the flame just a bit, too, are dry.

  • Spices don't burn.

  • We have one tablespoon of coriander powder, one teaspoon of cumin powder, 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder, red chili powder to taste and one teaspoon of gotta masala or to taste, and we'll mix that through.

  • Let the dry spices catch the oil a little bit and once it's mixed through, we're gonna add just a tablespoon or two of water so that the muscles don't burn.

  • The pressure cooker whistle has gone down by itself.

  • You gonna open it and have a look.

  • And the Dodgers I've cooked absolutely perfectly.

  • If you notice a couple of them, they've actually split open a little bit, and that lets us know that they're absolutely tender inside, but they're still holding their shape.

  • So we're gonna take our ahjumma and basically strain out the water.

  • Well, we'll use some of the liquid later on, but right now we're just gonna add dry Rajaram tor pan and just mix that through.

  • So the masala and the oil from the muscle actually coat to the regiment.

  • The Russians looks so beautiful they have routine the color and, just like jumping out on there beautiful and once it's mixed in, we can add some of the liquid back also, and this will help incorporate that masala even further.

  • And we're gonna add one can of coconut milk and makes it through.

  • So we still have a lot off liquid from the Raj my left that we in the pressure cooker.

  • And we're gonna reserve that because if you do use the progeny of the next day, Raja attends to absorb a lot more liquid.

  • So if you need to turn it out 20 reason you can use that.

  • And once it's heated through, this is an optional step.

  • But you could squeeze some fresh rangers to taste.

  • Mmm.

  • And it's ready to serve the raj.

  • My eyes ready?

  • Look it it it looks so beautiful.

  • Of course you've dressed it up with some cilantro, fresh cut cilantro and some more drops of coconut milk.

  • Fabulous.

  • So let's give it a shot.

  • What a refreshing change.

  • It's got a very subtle flavor of the coconut milk.

  • Really, really good.

  • And you know, the consistency that we've kept you can have it.

  • Which body over the right so really entirely up to you.

  • So we used a can of coconut milk.

  • But in some parts, cans of coconut milk are not available, so feel free to use coconut powder.

  • That just works as well.

  • Not not the desiccated coconut flakes, but you could actually get coconut milk powder.

  • And also, if you have fresh coconut, you're wanna squeeze your own milk out of there even better.

  • Fabulous.

  • Yeah, If you like this recipe and you'd like to see more from us, please don't forget to subscribe to our channel.

  • And don't forget it.

  • Share it with your friends and family.

  • So enjoy your coconut dodge McCurry and join us again on another episode of Show Me the curry dot com, adding a pinch of spice to your life.



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