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  • Cantonese.

  • You got a Are they high on one tops icon Shankar handgun Guessing down seats out.

  • You're home.

  • I'm not releasing than Julian.

  • But you might.

  • They were awesome on high tech.

  • Amusing 90 day You met Seymour Mrs Goggins in my Tom Lyell hater.

  • I'm sorry, baby.

  • Sorry.

  • Sorry.

  • It's Ally.

  • Oh, mano.

  • Oh, have you know that joke?

  • Come forward.

  • I come from that year they fall Article.

  • Hi there You have been the work.

  • I'm good, I'm good.

  • I got you game the way.

  • The way he Oh, Jodie Mayer, My Meyer.

  • I'm like, I'm not your jaw Frank Tramell looking at you.

  • Okay, John is all the sound.

  • Hello, Awesome.

  • On Holly there the canteen.

  • My mighty mega Yoho Mile They go find her file.

  • Oh, my God!

  • Happy a 14 j a G signal like only finish in Hydra.

  • Die on my dealer.

  • Loyal Hello, units like anemia.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Thes t t pedo Sudden, Do you want a poet, my homie?

  • Natural e and one guy Medea the tnc joneshome.

  • You owe your life.

  • You will Okay.

  • Yeah.

  • Hey, from No, I like wasting done he from.

  • So Okay, you going todo you hold your man The O K I E O Hey, Kato John Jr J I Ko ke bang boy Dean again.

  • Hi.

  • Hey, Come on, We gotta hide Illegal legal.

  • Jean Harlow, take a hike.

  • Okay.

  • Out.

  • Toxic wool comes in Manchuria wanting.

  • I am okay.

  • Who's all I really want?

  • My money We Oh, wait would go.

  • Yeah, I'm a wen girl Hey, So any causalities are Who aiming so cheesy You got the time See a lowly They don't want dollar How they hanging They weigh in Jiaxing Jenga You know we go.

  • I see the old man took away What a hottie jogging.



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澳門人如何慶祝聖誕節|簡易廣東話 5 (How people in Macau celebrate Christmas | Easy Cantonese 5)

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