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  • Hey, city, this is Alex into them, starting a new series about something that really, really cheers me up and pleases me off at the same time.

  • French cuisine.

  • So before I stopped and he knew why and how I'm gonna tackle this massive institution, let me show you.

  • What?

  • What?

  • What?

  • So I just I do intend to change the world with nothing but open face sandwiches or as we call them statins off here.

  • I know it might sound a bit foolish, but that's my mission.

  • Is foolish.

  • My mission on my definition.

  • You don't tell me because I know we don't wanna say footage.

  • If you want to go straight to the festive dessert and miss the whole toppers off life at the same time, then feel free to do it.

  • Hit deline.

  • Otherwise, let me give you some context.

  • Over the past five years, French cuisine has been on the decline on an international scale.

  • And although my friends in vice and in France are massively denying it off, we're schooling is a conspiracy.

  • I did ask you guys on social media to describe French cuisine with your own world, and I can only say it was a bit, you know, disturbing, delicious, posh, rich, fancy butter butter, elegant, authentic s.

  • So I guess it's mainly good, but French come and skip the side.

  • It's not only positive when I believe French cuisine needs to reinvent itself.

  • Trust me.

  • I would love to make a revolution on my own French guy cooking.

  • But you know, I'm just a humble home coop.

  • French guy cooking.

  • So let's leave the guest.

  • Hola, MI And over that bullshit to the mission star chef and just focused on daily French food.

  • And I believe a statin is a perfect example of that.

  • It should be healthy.

  • I mean, we can't continue ignoring all the obesity problems and all the food related disease happening in the world Right now, French food needs to be more light, you know, include more vegetables and maybe less better than cream.

  • I didn't say Get rid of those.

  • I just say, Hold the leash tight.

  • Second, it should be doable.

  • Otherwise, it's just a nonsense.

  • My job is not to show you.

  • That I can cook is to show you that you can cook so long, Gish and over complicated recipes out three French food should be open minded.

  • I mean, tradition is essential, very, very important, but it should not prevent you from using intel.

  • It ease off.

  • Ingredient from different countries are different cultures, So my statins will be 99% French so far, it should be harnessed.

  • I mean true food, like local simple, with a captain like an open face in which there is no place for you to hide behind something fence.

  • It's just a slice of bread and a few ingredients.

  • Let the ingredients shine your and finally, five.

  • It should be affordable, very important, maybe the most important point for me.

  • Not because I'm tight, but because I'm cooking French food on a daily basis.

  • And I can down to you absolutely guarantee you that there is nothing posh, snobbish or expensive, too.

  • You just make the syriza bit more challenging and marrying a few rules, and also I will be limiting the number of ingredients you can use to make those trappings or open faced sandwiches.

  • It goes like this.

  • It's slice off bread that's essential of the ways it's not attacking animal a rub.

  • Not only garlic, I promise a spread.

  • Not only better, I promise three main ingredients with, at most one rich and finally a drizzle of a Sprinkle of something.

  • There would be meat, fish and vegetarian version off those open face and which is but also gluten free vegan row.

  • You know it's modern French food against.

  • That's it for the introduction to that new French Siri's.

  • I hope you will like the recipes, and if you do like them, then make them at home because they are easy but bold on flavors.

  • By the way, the first dessert is online right now, and it's grilled pictures.

  • I was about to say, Great beaches, co cheese, go cheese, grilled peaches and caramelized own.

  • And trust me, it's absolutely Benny can't guys the city.

Hey, city, this is Alex into them, starting a new series about something that really, really cheers me up and pleases me off at the same time.


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