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  • "Hi, my name is Destin Cretton.

  • I'm the director of 'Just Mercy.'

  • This is a scene between Walter McMillian.

  • Played by Jamie Foxx, and Herbert Richardson,

  • played by Rob Morgan.

  • And they are in cells on death row in Alabama.

  • They share a wall.

  • They're directly next to each other.

  • And one of the really interesting things

  • that I learned from speaking with Anthony Ray Hinton,

  • who was on death row in Holman Prison

  • for 30 years for a crime he did not commit,

  • was the camaraderie and relationships

  • that they had between jailmates that

  • were completely based on conversations

  • they were having without being able to see each other.

  • Bryan Stevenson said in his book that you cannot really

  • fully understand a problem unless you allow yourself

  • to get very close to it.

  • And that was something that we were

  • playing with with the camera, was leading up

  • to this very scene.

  • The cameras started off wider on these characters.

  • And this was the scene where we actually bring the camera

  • as close as possible to both Walter McMillian and Herbert

  • Richardson.

  • And I mean, you'll see how close we are.

  • Their eyes are in focus.

  • Their nose is out of focus.

  • And the camera was literally a couple inches

  • from their faces."

  • "In and out."


  • "Now close your eyes."

  • "Our DP, Brett Pollock, was really

  • wanting to shoot all of these jail cells scenes

  • as close to reality as possible.

  • So in this scene in particular,

  • there really is just the light source

  • that's coming in from outside the jail cell, which

  • gives this kind of amber hue.

  • That is really going to be a big contrast to the moment

  • when we go outside through Walter McMillian's escape

  • vision in his mind that takes him back

  • to the moment in the beginning of the movie

  • when he is out in the forest and looking up at the trees.

  • To capture the performances of this scene,

  • we actually shot with two cameras

  • running simultaneously, with Jamie Foxx in one cell

  • and Rob Morgan in the other--

  • which was very helpful for a scene like this,

  • because it was quite loose.

  • And it allowed the two actors to really be in it

  • and respond to each other.

  • And both sides of the conversation were captured.

  • So we didn't have to do too many editing

  • tricks for this scene."

  • "I don't want you to think about nothing else.

  • Just keep your mind on that.

  • Everything gonna be aight."

"Hi, my name is Destin Cretton.


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