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  • against.

  • This is Alex.

  • I may be Good evening, guys.

  • It's really late at night.

  • I've been feeling all day long.

  • What I would like to show you in this video is how you can actually cook when you are trapped.

  • I am not exactly trapped in a hotel room with just a few limited appliances.

  • Kissed a ceramic mug of ballistics.

  • Place the head Breyer spot, which is a fuck and food utility knife.

  • We call it a Swiss knife because I couldn't possibly cook with only coffee and tea milk.

  • I went to the grocery store and I just bought some pretty basic stuff.

  • This is what I bought some sausages, cheese sandwich, mix of spices, a package of couscous, sunflower seeds, Tomei to in months.

  • So first off, I'm gonna cook those messages using the kettle right here.

  • And I feel happy because I found the solution.

  • Those roast sausages.

  • But I feel sorry for the next customer.

  • Who's gonna make some tea?

  • That's like These are decent sausages, OK?

  • It's not because I cook in a hotel room that I lose all my convictions.

  • The sausages should be in the boiling water for, let's say about 10 minutes.

  • The most fun cooking I have been doing in ages.

  • So in the Italian son.

  • And this is what I found Mud's Isa and dry tomatoes.

  • Spinach.

  • Also some fresh tomatoes, which I I'm gonna pick a fuck.

  • Nice loads off salon.

  • Not bad.

  • Very good either.

  • Just, you know, on them looking for me have also found something left by the previous customer, which is kitchen.

  • So it's not the best ingredient ever, but at the same time, we are doing some survivor cooking.

  • So in goes the kitchen with the fresh tomatoes and with Dr Maters.

  • So that's the tomato sauce.

  • Don't.

  • Okay.

  • Sausages got me out of war.

  • You know what?

  • I'm not gonna discuss the water because basically the water, it's full with, like, the sausages flavors.

  • So I'm gonna use this to make the Crisco.

  • I reckon if the couscous needs more water, I can always add some more water.

  • Afterwards, it's said to society and work under sensations.

  • So basically, my idea at the moment is to cut into thin slices, and then you add some hot chili mix in order to make some kind of a big bonus, a sage.

  • So I just tasted the couscous, and to me, it was pretty blend.

  • So in order to pump up the textures in it, I'm gonna add some sunflower seeds to it Much better.

  • This way.

  • Discuss course, is gonna be the base, the crust off what can be called survival.

  • So then I'm gonna have my tomato sauce.

  • Now I'm gonna add the pit ponies of stage, but that wouldn't be better without some cheese on it.

  • So I have some moderate here, and I also have the cheese from the cheap cheese sandwich.

  • Now all we have to do to finish it to greet the pizza.

  • Bake it.

  • Yes, we do have a grill.

  • Theo College with a few leaves from the cellar from the Italians.

  • Okay, so, guys, this is it.

  • Hope you enjoy this video.

  • I find it weird quickly, but I find this interesting, inspirational.

  • It should make you think that even with bad appliances over, either with pool equipments, you can still cook something decent at the best, of course, but decent.

  • And that's what cooking is all about.

  • Not be said, but spontaneous.

  • Intra TV vibrations like do is whatever you have.

  • Anyway, I hope you like this video and you didn't give it like thumbs up and share that video of her on your social media with your friends?

  • Why not?

  • They might be traveling.

  • You can also commend this video.

  • And you what you would have done with over these ingredients.

  • Finally, of course, you can subscribe to my channel for many more delicious.

  • Quirky were videos, but I said, I gotta clean.

  • Old dismissed.



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