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  • meet the latest race offering from Porsche.

  • This is Sabine's GT three with 470 brake horsepower is capable of 0 to 60 in three seconds.

  • This is amazing.

  • This is the Piccadilly Workshop.

  • A lot of people know you as the queen of the Ring, but they don't know that you're part of a fully fledged racing.

  • So yeah, I am.

  • So we built this carriage couple of years ago, and this is our car.

  • Okay, So you and your partner Klaus, you run the team.

  • Explain to me the background behind it seems the team Frickin Delly, what's what's behind the name Like a deli means meatball.

  • So And Piccadilly is the nickname off Klaus Because, yes, the biggest company in that in Germany is the meatball Don King off the meat.

  • This is the fastest.

  • Yes.

  • You compete in the Nurburgring 24.

  • You did Daytona recently as well.

  • 1 60 races twice.

  • The 24 Alright.

  • That explains all the trophies over there.

  • Yeah, and this is actually the 20th anniversary of your first race win.

  • Isn't you're eyeing?

  • Yes, exactly.

  • Yeah, he's competing again this year.

  • I think about your experience at sea we have to win this year.

  • The workshop was seriously impressive, but I was itching to get out on the road.

  • So I got Sabine to show me what she does best.

  • So this is the famous Nurburgring taxi?

  • Yes, my right eye.

  • Please don't make me sick because I know what you're like.

  • I've seen how you treat it.

  • Top gun pilot.

  • I don't want that same treatment.

  • So your first lap on the Nurburgring was when you were 8 16 17 17 I was waiting for years to get the privatized and then I couldn't wait anymore.

  • Okay, It's just a couple of one.

  • I can't take my mom's car.

  • You stole your mother's go.

  • How much power they will drive.

  • You still have some fun with you?

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah, I took that God and I went to a game.

  • Guys already 18 year old way.

  • Go disappear.

meet the latest race offering from Porsche.


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薩賓-施米茨的保時捷911 GT3 R|Extra Gear|Top Gear。 (Sabine Schmitz's Porsche 911 GT3 R | Extra Gear | Top Gear)

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