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  • What's up, guys?

  • Overdoing what?

  • So Marriott hit me up and they're like, Hey, do you want to go to Santa Clara and just explore the town?

  • And I like, yes.

  • So I got four.

  • Not Santa Clara and I tried to go to its many places as possible.

  • How do you start the trip?

  • All right, You go to a museum.

  • I learned about some of the culture from museum, for example, they have this huge statue called Our Lady of Peace Shrine.

  • That's pretty cool.

  • You know what else is cool, though?

  • Food stains, donuts.

  • His local like mom and pop donut shop.

  • We had to come back to stand doughnut shop for the first time we went.

  • All the doughnuts were got Senate.

  • Claire is in the heart of Silicon Valley.

  • So I hit up the Intel Museum, get my knowledge on.

  • I learned entirely way too much information about computers that I didn't even know.

  • Like I still kind of It was cool, though.

  • From there I went to K one racing.

  • My sister also company on a trip.

  • My sister may or may not have beaten me beers thing.

  • Okay.

  • My car, like it was stopping and started because I was, like, going too fast.

  • Because, you know, I was I'm a peace.

  • Okay, I lost.

  • Doughnuts are a huge thing in Santa Clara.

  • We had to go to another doughnut.

  • Please.

  • We went to fracture croon, which is said to be like that shop Ole a doughnut.

  • Good doughnut.

  • And you put any topping that you want on this doughnut?

  • There are so many choices.

  • It was overwhelming.

  • So, like I just went with one of their favorites called the bacon bomb.

  • It waas the bomb.

  • It was phenomenal, to say the least.

  • And I we even got to meet the owner.

  • Fractured prune bacon bomb.

  • Four words that you need in your life.

  • Finally, the Captain Sharp all were able to hit the farmer's market.

  • The farmers market at Santa Clara had just about everything, brother.

  • The hat, strawberries.

  • They had random fish.

  • I got a passion fruit, Boba tea, though I got a breakfast burrito.

  • There was about 29 different meats in the burrito.

  • Yes, the flavor's suman.

  • Others.

  • If you're in Santa Claire and you're not going to this farmer's market, what are you doing with your life?

  • But had a great time in Santa Clara.

  • One dream or about my travels?

  • Go over, Mary.

  • I read the block post.

  • This is not a game as always, Who got more?

  • Swag goes Throw me the alley.

What's up, guys?


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探索聖克拉拉 (Exploring Santa Clara)

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