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  • highlights and show me the guy dot com I'm a new job and I'm well.

  • And today we're making a raw mango.

  • Yeah, sounds wonderful.

  • Mango season.

  • You're always looking for ways to use.

  • But, man, go into your diet one real the other.

  • And anyway, you put it.

  • It's just raw.

  • Mingles way have Mister Mangles reviews about two of them approximately and a little bit hero.

  • There is absolutely fine.

  • So it's It is approximately one and 1/2 cups when you cut it and feel it in Cuba.

  • So here we have one cup of moon ball.

  • We washed it and just let the water run until it gets clear and drained all that out and put it in.

  • Do that.

  • We're gonna add the mangoes, say one for myself.

  • Ah, it's nice and star and that's what do you want?

  • Three cups of water.

  • I had a taste of salt.

  • Now this is to taste.

  • You can put more or less get that next close up pressure Cooper, and we're gonna put it on the stove and let it whistle for one time.

  • Now this is Mom Belle, and it cooks really, really fast.

  • So after whistles One time we're gonna leave it there with the stove off for five minutes, and then we'll put some cold water over the top so that the pressure gets released a little faster than normal.

  • So the pressure cooker whistled once, and we turned it off and let it sit there for about five minutes before taking it under the tap and pour some cold water on it.

  • And now the pressure is completely gone.

  • It's open.

  • Okay, that's perfect.

  • You can still see the texture of the doll.

  • It's not overcooked, and the mango pieces are all tender.

  • We're gonna set to decide and work on the seasoning.

  • Now, Now, this particular doll has two levels of seasoning.

  • So two levels off flavors.

  • We're going to do one seasoning over here and at the doll to it and cook it for a bit.

  • And then we're gonna do a separate seasoning, and we're gonna add it to the top of the We got a pan over here with one tablespoon off oil heating up, and it's hot.

  • You can add hopper teaspoon of mustard seeds, properties one off human seats and then quickly add in the dog.

  • You're wrong.

  • Oops, I forgot about in the turmeric powder it needs to go in right after the mustard.

  • See that the cumin seeds?

  • It's 1/4 teaspoon off holly powder or turmeric and mix, and this doll is still pretty thick.

  • So we're gonna go ahead and add a little bit of water to be looking at in about one cup.

  • But it's up to you what you want.

  • So the dog has come to a boil and we will reduce it.

  • And basically, now it's cooked so you can cook it down to as uh to the consistency you desire.

  • Otherwise, it's ready.

  • Now we work on the next seasoning, so we've got, Ah, one teaspoon of key heating up over here.

  • So once the doll reaches the consistency that you like, it's ready for the second seasoning.

  • And this seasoning really only goes at the top right before serving.

  • It's mainly for the presentation, and it's gonna give a nice added different flavor.

  • So the key is started.

  • Smoking at this point will turn it off, and we're gonna add in half a teaspoon off wretchedly powder and half a teaspoon off holly powder.

  • I'm just gonna mix it in, and we're gonna pour it over the doll.

  • That looks amazing for the wrong angle.

  • Wendell is ready, and that is just amazing looking so beautiful.

  • Let's give it a try.

  • We did garnish with some fresh chopped chilies, green chilies on the top, that fresh chili flavor that's not cooked in.

  • It just brings it to another level, but you can leave it out if you're not for that.

  • Mmm.

  • You know, I didn't even get a piece of mango.

  • But the flavor of the mango it's so well integrated into the whole flavor of the whole doll.

  • It's just amazing.

  • It's not overly sour, but you could definitely tell that there's a little raw mango in there.

  • All right, actually, again this, like some of the other mango dishes.

  • It tastes really good the next day because flavor actually goes into everything and it's more intense.

  • And that's our mango.

  • Yeah, fabulous.

  • And if you notice we didn't use any ginger, we didn't use any garlic.

  • It doesn't need it.

  • This is one of those dolls that you want the flavor of the mango to kind of shine through and not be overpowered with the other really strong flavor ingredients, so it's perfect as is.

  • It's a lovely doll.

  • So if you like this recipe and you'd like to see more from us, please don't forget to subscribe because you'll be the 1st 1 to know any time you post the video on there absolutely free.

  • So enjoy the spell and join us again on another episode of Show Me the adding a pinch of spice to your Life.

highlights and show me the guy dot com I'm a new job and I'm well.


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