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  • Hi.

  • Welcome to show me the curry dot com.

  • I'm a new Gia and I am middle and today we're making a raw papaya, some C.

  • So using papaya, green papaya.

  • And here's the green papaya and this is half of it and we have build it and cubed it like so.

  • And, uh, this is a little over a pound, approximately 500 grams.

  • So we always see right papayas.

  • And, uh, the first thing when you opened this up is it's really interesting to see if they're still white.

  • They have not hearkened up.

  • And it's just a nice fresh vegetable and another option for your daily.

  • It's a very simple recipe, and we're just gonna get started on the stove.

  • So in a pan on medium heat, we have one tablespoon off oil heated up when I had half a teaspoon of mustard seeds to that relax quarter teaspoon off holly or turmeric powder, give it a quick mix and some dried wretchedly to taste.

  • I want to just open them up so that play with the oil and we're gonna add in approximately a couple finely chopped onions and you're gonna add a little bit of salt so that the onions released their flavor and get trance isn't quicker.

  • We've also got four or five large garlic cloves that we've smashed, and we're gonna let the onions cook until they get a little bit translucent.

  • We really don't want them around, but just a little princes in color.

  • We will know, adding a few spices got one tablespoon off coriander powder or Dania one and 1/2 teaspoons off gina or cumin powder, wretchedly powder to taste.

  • I mix so you're just going toe to splash a little bit of water so that the masala zone born and just cook it for another couple of minutes.

  • So this is ready.

  • We're gonna now add in our but by a at a sold to taste mix.

  • Now the rawness of the papaya really depends, you know, if it's very raw, the papaya is going to be very Come on.

  • It's not going to release any of its own juices, but if it is, if it is a little riper than you know what ours is right now.

  • In immediately start once you add in the song and start releasing its own now liquid.

  • So since ours is not, So we're gonna give it.

  • Oh, state is a little bit and you're gonna add in half a cup of water mix, and we're gonna cover it and allow to cook for about 10 minutes.

  • So we've been stirring the papaya often on every few minutes, and this actually took about 15 minutes a little more than the 10 because of propriety is really, really wrong.

  • But it's looking so beautiful right now.

  • But technically, providers can be hard draw.

  • So, you know, depending on how what your preferences, if you want it soft or you wanted crisp, you know, you can just carry on cooking.

  • We actually also in between put in an additional quarter cup of water just because the water had dried up and it was taking very long to cook.

  • So this looks done.

  • This looks really good.

  • You can, of course, leave it like this, which looks beautiful, doesn't know what we're gonna go one step further, so we're gonna take it one step further.

  • We have about 1/4 cup of yogurt that we mixed with 3/4 cup of water and kind of made a little butter milk out of it.

  • Just we're gonna pour that in.

  • It's gonna give a nice little tangy taste to this, as we always do when we add anything with yogurt to, ah, hot dish, we reduce the flame to a simmer at the yogurt in and then just let the liquid heat through.

  • We don't want it to come to a boil, otherwise it'll separate.

  • So our rope by a sub z's ready.

  • Look at it.

  • It looks beautiful.

  • Yes.

  • So let's give it a try for us and then we can tell you about it.

  • Get some of this liquid.

  • It looks so yummy.

  • Mmm.

  • I've had a look.

  • Let's see.

  • What do you think?

  • You're me?

  • I had a fantastic texture.

  • It's almost kind of like squash, but I feel like it's not as mushy.

  • Exactly.

  • And I love that because I think it's between a portion of potato from somewhere in the beginning.

  • That and actually I have to mention some things again.

  • We have mentioned earlier that the rawness of the papaya really makes a big difference on the outcome off and how you cook this subsidy, because the last time I made it, it was my vegetable was not as raw and it looked really different.

  • The papaya was cooked a little bit more.

  • It was it was a little more machine than this.

  • This is definitely has a more for texture, right, you know, So it's it's different every time and every different, but by is gonna taste differently.

  • So which is kind of good?

  • Yeah, change.

  • But my favorite part is the gravy that's there.

  • It's got just the right hand of tartness that just kind of makes that whole dish.

  • It makes it.

  • It's really, really right.

  • So you can have this with Rice on which about these.

  • Either Wade works out really good.

  • So if you enjoy this video and you want to see more from us, be sure you hit that subscribe button.



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