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  • in today's lesson, We're going to look at how to write and arguments.

  • Let's see now, before we start this task.

  • Let's do a little review about what a sentences and what a paragraph is.

  • Now a sentence is a group of words.

  • It begins with a capital letter, and it ends with a full stop.

  • A paragraph is a group of sentences.

  • Now a paragraph begins with an indentation, which is a space, and it has a number of sentences that are a boat, the same topic and finally, an essay and an essay is a group of paragraphs.

  • Now what's important to remember about an essay is that each paragraph is different and has its own job.

  • So if we look at the breakdown oven essay, an essay is typically written in four paragraphs, sometimes more, but rarely less.

  • Now the four paragraphs are first you write an introduction paragraph.

  • Secondly, be right.

  • A supporting paragraph or sometimes called a body paragraph third, we write a second supporting paragraph for a second body paragraph and finally a conclusion paragraph.

  • Okay, so each paragraph has its own job to do of the introduction paragraph.

  • This typically introduces our topic and it also states what we plan to argue.

  • So what we believe supporting paragraph one gives evidence that supports what we've said.

  • We're going to argue in the introduction paragraph supporting paragraph two gives different evidence that also supports what we said.

  • We'd argue in the introduction.

  • Our conclusion is basically a summary and a restatements of what we have talked about and hopefully proven in the essay.

  • So if we take these four paragraphs now, within each of these paragraphs there are specific sentences with specific jobs.

  • So the introduction paragraph typically has four sentences and know it can be sometimes Maur and sometimes less.

  • But we want to have four specific ideas in this introduction paragraph.

  • The first sentence is a background statement and this statement just gives some general information about the topic of our essay.

  • Okay.

  • And we typically we typically follow this with a details background.

  • Sorry, statement.

  • So basically, we bring up our topic in the background statements, and then we rate something a little more details about that statement.

  • Now, the third sentence is the most important sentence in the entire essay, and that's our thesis.

  • Now the thesis is what we are trying to proof.

  • So if we're writing an essay that's claiming that's Dubai is the most expensive city on the planet.

  • Well, we would say this directly in the thesis.

  • Okay, We'll go into detail when we write one together.

  • Now, the last sentence we call the outline sentence and the outline sentence tells us what topics we're going to speak about in supporting paragraph one and supporting paragraph two.

  • Okay, so that's the introduction paragraph is the four sentences that we want to include in this paragraph.

  • So let's look at now thes supporting paragraphs.

  • So also within the supporting paragraphs, there are sentences that have specific jobs.

  • So the first sentence in supporting paragraph one is the topic sentence.

  • And this includes, um, the subject we will use.

  • That's supports our pieces.

  • Okay, So once again, if we're talking about do by being the most expensive city in the world, well, we might look at in our supporting paragraph one say real estate and how it's very expensive to live in Dubai.

  • Now, the second sentence is an example, and this example must be true from real life.

  • Okay, So, typically, we don't want to make up something you know, in our head, that's not true.

  • We want to use something that's really so we can say.

  • Perhaps we do some research on the Internet and we find that Dubai, the real estate in Dubai, has, um risen and cost by, say, I don't know, 100% in the last two years.

  • Okay?

  • And so if we can find some evidence that supports the idea that's presented in our topic than we presented here, so this would be evidence supporting the topic.

  • The third sentence in the supporting paragraph is the discussion.

  • Now the discussion sentence is the hardest sentence to write in this paragraph.

  • The discussion sentence links the example to the topic.

  • Okay, so in the topic, we've said that real estate is eyes.

  • One thing that's making do buy the most expensive city tow livin in the world.

  • And then we can say, for example, and then, after some research way, found that the price of real estate has gone up by 100% in the last two years.

  • Now the discussion we would say something like this clearly shows that Dubai is or is well on its way to becoming one of the most expensive cities toe livin in the world.

  • Now the last sentence in the supporting paragraph is the conclusion, and the conclusion links the topic to the thesis.

  • So in this sentence we want to link the idea directly that that real estate in Dubai is contributing to making do buy the most expensive city to live in in the world.

in today's lesson, We're going to look at how to write and arguments.


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雅思如何寫議論文提綱(第1部分,共2篇) (IELTS How to write an argument essay outline (part 1 of 2))

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