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  • in the canal.

  • You can only store almost.

  • Servia spoken.

  • I must go.

  • Easy.

  • Greek languages.

  • The U boat on the canal must have beaten her mother.

  • Get intothe the kind only I not.

  • Oh, no, Mrs Rose.

  • Fine.

  • Morning back llama which cries like a human being.

  • I will hit its high strings s so I can tell my pain.

  • Pez a legal bouzouki top Cardosi aka who is a psychic?

  • Ot seven Gs.

  • Let me have the gun.

  • Absurdly almost.

  • Yeah.

in the canal.


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你最喜歡的希臘歌曲是什麼?(預告片) | 輕鬆希臘語 59 (What's your favorite Greek song? (Trailer) | Easy Greek 59)

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