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  • Hi, I'm Rebecca.

  • Welcome back to another episode of Easy English.

  • This weekend in Canada is a long weekend, and we're celebrating Thanksgiving.

  • So today we're actually asking some of my family members, my aunts and uncles and cousins what Thanksgiving means to them, how we celebrate and what they're grateful for this year.

  • Ready?

  • It's good.

  • What do you typically do on Thanksgiving?

  • Typically on Thanksgiving, we usually get together as a big family, like the whole family, all aunts, uncles, cousins.

  • And we just kind of sit around, talk.

  • We catch up on stuff.

  • Um, we eat.

  • We occasionally go for a walk and sometimes, like watch a game if it's on typically.

  • Ah, you know, there's either family time or for myself.

  • I'd like to focus on gratitude on Thanksgiving, usually get together with our family, and we have lots of really delicious food, and everybody brings something homemade.

  • So, for example, this Thanksgiving I made two pumpkin spice cookies, and we're all going to have that later for dessert.

  • And we just spent a lot of time chatting and talking, and sometimes we see family that we haven't seen for a long time, and is this a really good time.

  • Can you tell me a bit more about what kind of food you typically eat on Thanksgiving?

  • Typically, we have turkey, of course.

  • Um, homemade stuffing, Lentil soup for an appetizer.

  • Um, you have potatoes, vegetables, roast beef.

  • So what do you remember from your first Thanksgiving in Canada?

  • I remember eating a lot of turkey and having a nap afterwards, because turkey makes you sleepy.

  • So as part of our Thanksgiving meal, I've prepared a lentil soup which is made of shredded carrots, garlic there, celery in here, first lentils.

  • And we use this as an appetizer before I mean course one of our traditions of Thanksgiving having pumpkins and flowers.

  • And then when you have some lovely, that makes you hey, arrangement you get this on are we tend to take these to our hostess is that we're going to dinner with two seeing and I have our lovely whose disk.

  • What does things giving in to you as a holiday tradition?

  • Um, Thanksgiving to me means just to be grateful just to be get together with family.

  • Just to think that we live in Canada, we live in a country that's accepting multicultural I just to be thankful for my friends, my teacher, just everyone who has an impact on my life in general.

  • I like to focus on a lot of the things that bring joy or bring peace to my life.

  • When I look at the gratitude within that, so for me, it's where I live.

  • It's the job and career situation that I've built for myself.

  • It's, you know, my partner and all that sort of stuff.

  • You know, gratitude is scientifically proven to create quality state of being within an individual that both brings them peace within their life.

  • But it also changes the way they go about living in regular society in the community, right, which is really important.

  • Overall, What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

  • Well, I'm thinking for my family, for my partner, my new cut, the we just recently adopted.

  • I'd say that I'm just grateful to have time with my family and just spending time with family that haven't seen for a long time catching up, seeing what's new in their lives, finding out what they want to do.

  • If you were coming to Canada for the first time during the fall season, What would you recommend people to do?

  • I would recommend people to maybe go to a pumpkin, patch her like a cornfield, go apple picking like somewhere outside, you know, be like, really active and experience like the nature outside.

  • I would recommend that they go for a walk in the forest and go for a hike and see all the beautiful Pharrell fall colors and just in time, chatting with each other and enjoying the beautiful nature.

  • Canada.

  • You get to experience four seasons pretty much anywhere you go.

  • Um, one of my favorite times of the year is absolutely fault because of the cold, brisk air.

  • But it's not too cold.

  • I mean, you see me, I'm not dressed in a jacket.

  • I don't wear jackets at all, but I'm going out in in nature walking, enjoying the colors, enjoying the nice, clean quality.

  • A road in nature is definitely something I make a point to do all the time.

  • Every every thought.

  • Can I get a glass of whipped cream, please?

  • What are you taking Theo way?

  • Hope you enjoyed today's episode.

  • Let us know in the comments if you celebrate Thanksgiving or if you have another cultural tradition that you celebrate in fall.

  • Thanks for watching and happy Thanksgiving.

Hi, I'm Rebecca.


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加拿大人如何慶祝感恩節?| 加拿大人如何慶祝感恩節? (How do Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving? | Easy English 36)

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