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  • (uplifting music)

  • - Hey guys, it's Natasha of

  • Today we're making our favorite smoothies,

  • and smoothies are so easy.

  • You just put everything in the blender,

  • and go, and that's it.

  • So, let's get started.

  • A couple weeks ago, I posted to my Instagram account,

  • asking what is your favorite smoothie,

  • and this smoothie is a result of all of your suggestions,

  • so I hope you guys love it.

  • I hope it's a new favorite for you as well.

  • So, let's talk about the ingredients.

  • We're gonna start out with one cup of mango juice,

  • and if you don't have mango juice,

  • go ahead and use orange juice,

  • then add a half a cup of yogurt,

  • and we're using a honey Greek yogurt.

  • Also, half a pound of strawberries,

  • half a pound of frozen blueberries,

  • and if you wanna use fresh, that's great.

  • Also, one banana, and about a cup

  • of packed, fresh spinach, then add honey to taste.

  • (liquid sloshing)

  • Add the liquid ingredients first,

  • so in goes the mango juice,

  • then add your yogurt.

  • (berries clunking)

  • Next, add your frozen blueberries

  • and your strawberries,

  • along with your coarsely broken banana.

  • (uplifting music)

  • So, just blend all of that together

  • until it's nice and smooth.

  • (blender whirring)

  • Finally, add in your fresh spinach.

  • (leaves crunching and sloshing)

  • Then drizzle the top with honey,

  • just add as much as you like.

  • I add about a tablespoon.

  • Give it a good whirl to blend it all together,

  • and it's done, so easy.

  • (blender whirring)

  • Now, we're ready to serve this awesome smoothie.

  • So, this makes about four servings,

  • about a cup each, maybe a little bit more.

  • I've got all of my glasses lined up and ready.

  • I dazzled 'em up with their little strawberries.

  • We're ready to serve.

  • Woo!

  • (uplifting music)

  • Now, I know a toddler and a husband

  • who are gonna love this.

(uplifting music)


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簡單的草莓菠菜冰沙食譜-娜塔莎的廚房。 (Easy Strawberry Spinach Smoothie Recipe - Natasha's Kitchen)

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