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  • Hey, dudes and fellow dwellers of the underworld, I'm highlight and Dan highly cooking.

  • We're making a special Halloween punch with tequila and liqueurs and juices, and then we're gonna make some little fake eyeballs to float in it to make it look spooky.

  • But also, they taste good to make our fake eyeballs.

  • I've got some leaky fruit.

  • These you buy them in a can.

  • It's either it'll be spelled L wh i ch e or L I T c H e.

  • It's a fruit of the Asia's.

  • It's a tropical fruit.

  • They come already pitted and look at that.

  • It totally kind of looks like it could be the human eyeball, right?

  • Or maybe a cow Liable.

  • If you could get Cal eyeballs that you're richer, that would actually be a pretty fun substitute.

  • All right, so I'm gonna pull some of these out here.

  • Just got a little plate that I lined with some plastics.

  • I don't stick when we put him in the freezer and just let some of that extra liquid drip on out of there.

  • And then over here I've got some maraschino Cherries that I just de stemmed and cut in half and those were gonna be the little, like, demonic pupils of our leaky eyeballs.

  • Lucia put leeches in there to be kind of fun Edition and a little fun play on words.

  • Right?

  • So you just sort of stuff it in there like that?

  • Pretty simple might stain your hands.

  • But you know what?

  • Little bloodstained hand is really good for Howling, actually.

  • Pretty sweet.

  • And if you are avoiding red food coloring, like is found in these fake ass maraschino Cherries, you could use some raspberries, too.

  • Whatever.

  • Okay, great.

  • So I've got all these in, if you could only get him stripped in sideways.

  • That's okay.

  • It's Halloween.

  • So now I'm gonna throw these in the freezer until they're frozen solid.

  • It's probably gonna take 34 hours.

  • Okay, So I'm gonna make my punch in this picture so that I can put it in the fridge and store it for later and drinking alone late at night.

  • But if you had some friends coming over for Halloween and maybe you wanted to make a little more festive, you could make a punch bowl out of a pumpkin like this.

  • So all I did was cut the top out like you do when you're normally like starting a jackal, injured, carving and scrape out all the seeds, rents it out on the inside.

  • And then I just did a decorative little zigzag at the top.

  • So it's kind of like the open maw of a demon.

  • That's like, Sorry.

  • Anyway, so that's a little idea for you to make it festive and cute little that caray up.

  • Oh, my name and tops needs some adjustment.

  • Okay, so for the punch, I've got some tequila, triple saddle, and I typically I like a silver tequila whenever I'm making, like, a mercury and stuff.

  • But the guy at the liquor store told me that rep Assad it was better for punch, so I tried it.

  • And actually, it is really nice.

  • And this is just a little punch that I came up with Alma lonesome and I've got some elderflower liqueur.

  • You've never had this.

  • It's very floral, you know?

  • And actually, I have never thought of it before, but it really actually smells a lot like those leeches fruits we just used.

  • So that was a nice little coincidence.

  • Smells good.

  • All right, so we need one part of this that was two parts of tequila I just put in there so you can adjust this obviously, too.

  • However many people you are serving one part of orange liqueur and I just bought this one because look at that cool bottle doesn't look like something that would be like on like Robinson Crusoe's ship.

  • Unless that guy did he have a ship.

  • I don't know about sailing, and then I've got four parts of white grapefruit juice, and I know a lot of people don't like great for juice.

  • But the records and everything are so sweet, and the elder flower is so floral, the little bit of bitterness with the grapefruit is real math.

  • Plus, it gives the whole thing sort of like ah, look akin to like a sick person's file or something.

  • So that's Halloween E.

  • So I'm gonna give that a stir before we add our club.

  • Sodi have got four parts of club soda.

  • I'll put the rest on my website.

  • I'm pretty sure that's what it was supposed to be, because when you do in a punch, I feel like you don't want to make it just like all booze or else people just get way too wasted, and then you are irresponsible host and a bad friend.

  • Friends don't let friends drink punch and Dr All right, there we go.

  • I've got a school Tiki goblin glass.

  • Get grabbed my frozen leaky fruit and I'll pour myself Oka Don't mind if I do, I should have mentioned before.

  • Whenever you do a punch, it's really best if you can have all of your booze and liqueurs and juices and everything cold already so that you don't need to water it down with a bunch of damn ice.

  • But then our little eyeballs are going to serve as sort of a nice thing.

  • But can you see the eyeballs?

  • Yeah, I just didn't live from my balls in a crunch.

  • All right, well, thank you so much for watching hope you enjoy this Halloween recipe.

  • Also check out my Halloween playlist for more Halloween recipes.

  • How many times can I say Halloween rescue?

  • Don't forget to subscribe, so you always get notified when I posted a video and come visit me and my website.

  • If you have important questions that need answers, I'm here to help.

  • Cheers.

  • Everyone happy.

  • Have a weekend.

Hey, dudes and fellow dwellers of the underworld, I'm highlight and Dan highly cooking.


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如何做萬聖節的眼球沖劑|Hilah Cooking (How to Make Halloween Punch with Eyeballs | Hilah Cooking)

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