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  • India.

  • Every samovar salon on Landry.

  • Oh, April.

  • Want a revelation?

  • Comes the Manaka fit Jacquet!

  • So, Andrea, comment Brenton coffin on the road since it's okay, don't tell me, Um, can you imagine this gruesome and a cafeteria evil demon on cafe?

  • Come on, five year.

  • Don't give up.

  • Conditions are going out for a formal offer them an Uncle Moon cafe and get this yet.

  • God help Andrea.

  • And yet I'm sensing discovery now.

  • Them yet?

  • I'm just that Ross the Sasha, That's us.

  • Um, it doesn't.

  • Doesn't?

  • No, my king Khufu.

  • The new normal means a chasm.

  • Yeah, broke a few Malala souls in the cafe Kasicky in normal men was taking cover.

  • The money bring remain coffee.

  • Bianca.

  • Cassie.

  • He bring in more men.

  • Just welcome them around cafe and it's gonna be winners.

  • And those commentaries on the money One Cafe Quinn Anywhere about Kwan's empanel Aaliyah issues Bernero on Sucre.

  • Sucre Open Cemal.

  • You know, buddy, by the moment, no more for three corner corny portrait.

  • Look, wait.

  • Sure.

  • Law.

  • She might roll.



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如何在巴塞羅那點咖啡|超級簡單的加泰羅尼亞語 6 (How to order a coffee in Barcelona | Super Easy Catalan 6)

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