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  • Dear Diary,

  • The date is May 30th, 2015 and this is my fourth entry.

  • I try to only make these videos when something significant happens or something really exciting

  • is coming up...

  • ...and since my last post, both those things have happened. For one, my dad was diagnosed

  • with cancer and announced cancer free. My sister got married. And I'm about to go to

  • Sweden.

  • Let me explain about the third thing. So I got this email from this company saying:

  • "Hey Scooter. We wanna fly you to Stockholm, Sweden and have you race a 3-D version of

  • your head on a RC car versus other YouTubers.

  • Yes, like what?

  • Of course I'm going to say yes. What DAHECK. First of all, I get a 3-D printed version

  • of my head. Secondly, they're going to put it on a race car and I get to race around

  • other people.

  • That's kinda exciting. Secondly, I've never been to Sweden.


  • It was really cool cause I went to Miami to get my head printed. That process was really

  • easy. It was surprisingly easy. I was just standing there.

  • I'm excited to see my head in person. It's really cool because my fans and supporters

  • get to participate.

  • If you go and you signup for my team...if I win any of the heats...they could get a

  • free headset.

  • I actually know some of the other YouTubers going. Toby Turner's going to be there. They

  • got a local Swede YouTuber Sp4zie and they also got Jax from American Idol.

  • This is just like a short teaser video and next week I'm going to be putting out all

  • my adventures in Sweden so I'm really excited about that.

  • I hope a whole bunch of my fans sign up for #TeamMagruder cause you already know...

  • First off, I'm winning the whole thing. First of all...OK. So if you want a free headset,

  • you need to signup for #TeamMagruder. You think this is a game? No Jugamos...see that's.

  • No Jugamos Juegos. You know, let me end this before I break something. My neighbors are

  • probably thinking what...

  • Until next time, always remember. Real men keep diaries.

Dear Diary,


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