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  • all right.

  • Thanks for bringing me lunch News needs to change to just good.

  • I just got that.

  • Andi have all this.

  • Hey, girl.

  • What did you go to the dance also?

  • Because you spend good job because during goes just Please, please.

  • I'm sick of you.

  • We're all very What?

  • Yeah, You What?

  • Can I have any happening right now?

  • Uh oh, yeah.

  • You Yeah, right.

  • Oh, Joy.

  • What you learned today?

  • What?

  • Thank you, Jesus.

  • For today, please give us good dreams.

  • Up asleep all night on.

  • We hope for a good day tomorrow, eh, men?

  • Okay.

  • You're a good girl, Long.

all right.


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